Manjaro relationship with arch - arch-wiki - custom kernels - aur

Hello I'm very happy with manjaro but has some doubts regarding its relationship with arch linux. (I'm not a arch linux expert)

  • do you recommend to use AUR repositories ? or even pacman directly instead of the updates UI in manjaro ? What about articles of arch-wiki can I use that information / execute commands suggested there in manjaro?
  • do you recommend / is possible to install custom kernels like - or should I only use the kernels supported by the kernel UI manjaro utility ?

In general I would like your recommendation so I don't break my system that right now is behaving very nicely, thanks! and my congrats and thanks to manjaro maintainers and authors.

AUR can be used, except when dealing with gpu drivers and kernels for the most part.
The Arch wiki can be used as a ressource to get stuff working on Manjaro, again as long as it's not related to GPU drivers or kernels.

Manjaro only supports the kernels the team maintain. So nothing from the AUR or Arch Linux repositories directly.


thank you! that was just what I wanted to know.

I would highly recommend reading the forum post for each update before applying them for any known issues, caveats, etc. If you're feeling particularly cautious, wait until there's a fair amount of feedback first.

Personally, I've come to appreciate that applying updates via pacman cli is more informative.

Hope this helps!

  • Manjaro's relationship with Arch.
    Manjaro is based-in and derived-from Arch Linux. However, there are many differences. Manjaro is to Arch, as Ubuntu is to Debian. Manjaro is not Arch and Arch is not Manjaro.
  • Manjaro's relationship with the Arch Wiki.
    The Arch Linux Wiki is considered the 'Bible' of the Arch world. Manjaro also has a Wiki, and you should consider researching it prior to the Arch Wiki.
  • Manjaro custom kernels.
    Manjaro produces custom, desktop-use optimized kernels. Arch produces general use, vanilla kernels. You should use Manjaro kernels only, unless you are versed enough to create your own.
  • Manjaro and the AUR (Arch User Repository).
    Generally speaking, you should learn to operate within the Manjaro repositories first. Then learn the proper way of installing any AUR packages you wish to use. The proper way does not include using any GUI'd package manager.

Use the terminal to update your system and always follow @philm's update announcement procedures. Always!

Happy days! :smiley:

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In theory he could download the extramodules on Manjaros gitlab page and edit the PKGBUILDs to match his kernel. If he needs gpu support. I did it with the hardened kernel with my gt1030 Nvidia GPU

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