Manjaro-settings-manager freezes when accessing the hardware section

i think my file is abnormal. i dont have [SeatDefaults]

Should i reinstall or there's another way to generate a cfg?

NO dont reinstall, add both lines exactly where it shows in the example i showed you.


then save, reboot

note: to be fair, im not exactly sure what lasting negative effects having 3 separate desktop managers installed at the same time has even though you already uninstalled the other 2 . probably nothing but like i said, not sure.


This looks the same as

@dglt I don't know how you got this.. but since it works, it should be the same. Not needed to be changed.

Filters the output for errors and warnings in the Xorg log


Okay so I'm late to work, I didn't sleep in the whole night and I'm gonna die today in the office... BUT I got my card working. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate all your help and your kindness and knowledge. You guys are amazing. I hope I can get as good as you some day.

Issue solved! ( I don't know how to Mark this as fixed)

glad you were able to get it going.
sudo pacman -S giant-pot-of-coffee

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I also appreciate your tutorial a lot, mr administrator... Sorry for the misunderstanding

neither do i, many posibilities considering how many failed attempts of various how to's on how to get my optimus laptop going before landing on a working prime tutorial or maybe when i got rid of gdm and installed lightdm for my gnome install that may have been in the tutorial.
i really couldnt tell you the difference between [Seat:*] and [SeatDefaults] but hey, if it works right?

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I suppose from an old tutorial..
and ...forgetting to run pacdiff?? lightdm has this for a long time..

thanks for the assist, i think he got too used to re-installing at every bump in the road. im not sure if he also watched that youtube video tutorial that someone made using jonathon's prime tutorial as reference and instructing people to install gdm,lightdm and sddm (instead of reading the directions). maybe you remember it considering said person posted it on just about every thread that contained the words "optimus" or "dual gpu" :roll_eyes:


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