Manjaro-Specific Issue with Firefox

Hello, so a few months ago I posted about a problem I was having with Firefox here. The TL;DR was that opening a page on startup with infinite scrolling and using a GTK theme for the browser would cause the user to just see a blank page. Anyways, reported this here on Mozilla's Bugzilla and, after some more testing, realized that this doesn't show up in the Flatpak version of Firefox...

Unless someone in the bug report gets back to me saying that they were able to replicate the problem, I think this is a Manjaro-specific issue. I was looking through the source files on Gitlab and I can see that the only patch is 0001-Use-remoting-name-for-GDK-application-names.patch. I'm actually trying to compile the package without the patch at the moment, but that might take a while. Could this be what's causing the problem or can anyone give me any insight on this?

I know this isn't the most serious issue in the world, but I still really think it should be fixed if Manjaro is going to ship Firefox by default for most of its editions. I should also mention that I found this by setting my homepage to the Manjaro forums, which is something I WOULD recommend other users to do if not for this issue.

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