Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

Already done with -0.2.

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systemd-kcm needs a rebuild.

isnt it an abandoned project
should be used

systemd-boot-manager was just updated.

Please bump the pkgver to 0.9

thank you. done

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plane-theme is now tagged at 3.34.1. Problem is, the build failed. It might need some nvm magic like the bitwarden AUR package.

for stable or testing branch?

I'm on testing

micro is at v2.02. The Manjaro community PKGBUILD does not follow Go package guidelines and neither does the AUR package.

How about we ignore that for now and just update micro-manjaro, whaddaya say? :smiley:

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I say someone here should think about providing us with a better PKGBUILD. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Who, me? :open_mouth: :grin: I actually already did for micro-manjaro, however micro itself gave me a little trouble.


mint-themes needs an update. Upstream is at version 1.8.3 and we are at version 1.8.2.

Last packager is @schinfo.

Thank you. Updating...

@Ste74 Success! Working PKGBUILD.

EDIT: Also plane-icon-theme is at v2.0.

@Chrysostomus - st-manjaro needs an update. Thanks.

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Thanks! I'll try to update it in the evening

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Ok .. today update all.. thank you :wink:

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Why specifically does it need update? Major version is the same version upstream release and it does not seem to be broken? Is there some specific fix/feature that the new version has?

I'm asking to know how urgent this is, because I might have to rewrite my patches, and it is time consuming without actually knowing any C

Do not make it a priority. I was asking because of this

but it seems the OP "solved" the issue ... :slight_smile:

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