Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

Drop it



On unstable, Octopi does not show dropbox as available in the Manjaro repositories.

But on stable, it looks not yet demoted to the AUR. It does not show in:
$ pacman -Qm

And it does not have the alien head on Octopi:


Just wait for that change to trickle down.

It has trickled down to Stable, just as you predicted.

Normally I like to remove packages that get demoted to the AUR. Since Dropbox seems to update itself, can I safely remove the packaged version of Dropbox?

The only reason to maintain also the aur version is if the appearence of dropbox is ugly ( icons , gui etc ) and aur maintainer do some patch .. with the dropbox autoupdate this is not correct i think...

@Ste74 Timeshift 17.10 is out

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Yep, i see .. it contain my command to allow work on wayland.. at soon possible push in our repo :grin:

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Looks promising. I will start testing it soon. If it works as it should I'll ad an option for setting it up in manjaro-architect now that it is in the repos.

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The package group mate-extra-gtk3 is obsolete.

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Now that I am receiving Dropbox updates from the AUR, I believe it may cause two instances to start on the first re-boot after an AUR update of Dropbox. Is anybody else getting this:

This is usually because of a permissions error. Storing your home folder on a network share can also cause an error.
Get more help at
Please contact Dropbox support with the following info for help: /tmp/dropbox_errorAqFAFv.txt

However, if I:
sudo pacman -Rsn dropbox

Then I needed to manually execute from $HOME

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@philm, @Ste74, @oberon please upgrade the following packages:

1) Downgrade:

2) Imagewriter:

3) Nautilus-admin:

4) Evopop-icon-theme:

Thank you for report.. i can work on it this evening :wink:

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I can't see any update for imagewriter .. :thinking:

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Sorry, it's my fault.

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pulseaudio-ctl is 1.61 in the repos, 1.66 on the AUR.

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