Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

and available in unstable :slight_smile:

Fast work

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@oberon Latest version of obmenu-generator, which was just updated, requires perl-linux-desktopfiles 0.25, which is in AUR.

@linux-aarhus :slight_smile:


Updated in unstable


@Ste74 update please nautilus-admin to 1.1.1.

Done :wink:

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Please update pamac-classic to version 6.6.3

Lumina Desktop 1.4 was released yesterday. I hope it gets to the repositories soon :3

Its working in unstable as of this morning.

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Thanks, maybe my mirrors aren't updated, I'll try another mirror list

Good, Lumina is very promising, I really like it


gtk3-classic needs an update - it's currently 3.22.25, gtk3-mushrooms is 3.22.26 (to match gtk3).

I would do it myself but there's a lot of patching going on. :slight_smile:

ok thanks! will do :slight_smile:

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Thank you for updating gtk3-classic!

moka-icon-theme, the default icon theme in the Manjaro GNOME edition, needs to be updated.

Done thank you :wink:

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@Ste74 gnome-video-arcade is at version 0.8.8 now, anyone is using it in the ISOs?

Next packages needing to be updated:

mugshot 0.3.2-1
xcursor-breeze 1.0-2

Regarding to AUR newer are available:

mugshot 0.3.2-4
xcursor-breeze 1:5.10.5-1

Since is only a cursor theme i don' t think is it most changed ..
for mugshot i see only a patch added for a icons missing ..
@oberon can you take a look into here

Themes are too primitive for upgrade indeed. But in one point you discover that mouse cursor on your fresh up-to-date system looks like old swab. :slight_smile:

Specifically there are some more cursors added to the package, maybe something changed too. I think it's worth to upgrade.

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