Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

I assume you mean the binary packages in the repo ? manjaro-iso-profiles-official 17.0.2-5 ?

yes is that

compton-conf from community repo is 0.2.1-5 while the AUR is on 0.3.0-3

EDIT: pull request here

@Ste74 please update menulibre from 2.1.4-1 to 2.1.5

MenuLibre 2.1.5 Menu Editor Adds Budgie & KDE Plasma Support

Please update yad ... in Manjaro repo is as 0.39.0, upstream is 0.40

yad and menulibre updated :grinning: thank you

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@comunity see here How to identify a package's origin?

@novocaine Time to change title to "Packages built by Manjaro Team" and post that link at the top?



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Hi, i noticed 'yay' package is out of date, also 'pacaur' package could be removed from the repo and swapped with 'trizen' package - pacaur isn't suppported anymore and 'pacui' and 'octopi' apps are supporting trizen

5.608 is now in unstable (and x32-stable).

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Fedora released a new version of gnome-terminal. It is now at version 3.28.1.

@oberon can you build the new version of gnome-terminal-fedora and make it available in the community repo? The packages vte3-notification and vte-notification-common probably needs an update too.

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Thanks. Updated on unstable branch now.

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Hi guys
jak and ms-online new version available @oberon @Ste74 @philm @jonathon

jade-dashboard will be broken until i fix it.

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python-jade-application-kit needs a rebuild

Any chance to update gimp-devel to latest rc2 release?

@codesardine done. v1.2.1 is on unstable.

@AV_Aca @philm why do we have gimp-devel in the repos at all? Is it not sufficient to have it in the AUR for who really needs it?


Got it, thanks for the link.

How about we at least wait for their 'stable' devel release 2.10 ?
Or are there any specific new features people are craving for?

a week ago, i have updated the PKGBUILD file for pacui to build version 1.10. the change was accepted by phil:

but there is still version 1.9.2 of pacui in the community repositories in the unstable branch.
is there something wrong with the PKGBUILD file or does @Ste74 need to rebuild pacui with the new PKGBUILD file?

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