Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

be careful with repo etcher , check git , version also

(From this thread)
snapd package needs an update. We currently have 2.36.2-1.0 on Testing and Stable, 2.36.3 is available on AUR.

snapd-git is even more out of date, being at 2.34.689-1 (why is this in the repo in the first place?).

Upstream recommends to use AUR to install snapd instead of repo because "it's outdated":

@jonathon @philm

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Inxi is at v 3.0.30

faba-icon-theme and moka-icon-theme imported in Arch Community from AUR 1 2

It seems that thunar-volman-gtk3 is both in extra and community repositories. I think it should be removed from community.

Repository      : extra
Name            : thunar-volman-gtk3
Version         : 0.9.0-1

Repository      : community
Name            : thunar-volman-gtk3
Version         : 0.8.1-1

amdvlk and lib32-amdvlk could be updated when there is time for it.

the current one from provides Vulkan 1.1.96 while the one in the repo provides Vulkan 1.1.82

The source mentioned in the PKGBUILD lists 2.68 as current while in the repo, it is 2.63


aur/spectre-meltdown-checker 0.40-1 (+44 1.97%) (Installed)
    Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability/mitigation checker (CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5754, CVE-2018-3640, CVE-2018-3639, CVE-2018-3615, CVE-2018-3620, CVE-2018-3646)

Ours is:

community/spectre-meltdown-checker 0.37-1 (44.4 KiB 161.0 KiB) 
    Spectre & Meltdown vulnerability/mitigation checker (CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5754)

[also pointed at my microcode .. but I see we have what Arch has. ]

  * CPU microcode is the latest known available version:  NO  (latest version is 0x810100b dated 2018/02/12 according to builtin MCExtractor DB v84 - 2018/09/27)

snapd is out of date. Its been out of date for a while now. Current version in aur 2.37-1. Version in all 3 manjaro repos, 2.36.2

snapd-git is substantially out of date.

That being said, it doesn't seem needed anymore since it hasn't been updated since 2.34. Should snapd-git be removed from the repos?

I've updated snapd to 2.37 in unstable.

I don't see why we need snapd-git in the repos. I'll make the decision to remove it; we can always re-add it if it's actually needed.


Thank you for updating the package! And thanks for all of the hard work you and other developers have put into managing these repos and updates!

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According to this post in Testing, nautilus-legacy (@Ste74) needs a rebuild because of a newer version of libexempi (package: exempi).

[Testing Update] 2019-01-27 - Kernels, Browsers, CertBot, Deepin, Wine

nautilus: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


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@jonathon Firefox 65 has been released today. I know Manjaro usually takes the package from Arch, but it seems it has not been imported to Manjaro yet. If devs plans to take their time on Unstable and Testing, maybe releasing a "-0" package for Firefox (at least on Stable) could be a good idea and would be appreciated.

According to the release note, they fixed some security issues (no surprise here). Haven't really read about them.

Also, you could consider doing the same thing for Chromium (marked as outdated in Arch website) and perhaps Opera (Arch has a higher version than Manjaro). I haven't checked any other browser.

There's also Thunderbird 60.5 available upstream. Release note here :

Sorry for this "Christmas wish list". Lol

Firefox is not a Manjaro-specific package. :wink:

Reread my post please. I acknowledged that in the second sentence.

I know. There's nothing wrong with your request, however this isn't the place for it, that's all.

Mh I don't know, I though it was the most appropriate place for that kind of request (building an temporary overlay package for Stable when there's a reason for it), even it the thread wasn't exactly meant for that.

I thought it would have been a bit silly to post a new thread each time I would request a "-0" package for Firefox or anything else. :confused:

Already in Arch Stable, will be in Manjaro unstable next snap, unless there are critical security patches included no need for an overlay build.

Just for info, I've been trying to build Firefox the past two days but the Mozilla Mercurial repo which the Arch PKGBUILD uses hadn't been updated with a FIREFOX_65_RELEASE tag, hence no source code was available for the release.

In future I might edit the Arch PKGBUILD to switch to a tarball instead of the massive source repository instead. I don't really see the benefit of having the unified repository available if Firefox is the only package which uses it (i.e. Thunderbird uses tarballs).

Also 16 hours ago I was asleep, so... :man_shrugging:



pdf2img-c needs to be updated or removed because it does not work.

pdf2img: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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