Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

It's an Archlinux package:

EDIT. And it works OK on my system :thinking:

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Works perfectly fine on Open Box but not on my i3 install. Two separate installs, both on unstable branch. That means the issue is on my end. My apologize and thanks for pointing that out.

Apparently i had to downgrade to glibmm-2.58.1-1 from glibmm-2.60.0-1 on my i3 install to get nitrogen behave correctly, while on OpenBox it works with the latest version. Bad mirror ?
Sorry for the initial confusion!

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glibmm is @ 2.60.0-1 on my system (unstable). Nitrogen seems to be working for my i3 install.

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For some reason (unknown for me at this point) the symlinks and got corrupted. I copied them elsewhere from glibmm-2.58.1-1 version, updated the package again to glibmm-2.60.0-1 and restored only the symlinks. Now all is ok, but i'll keep an eye on that HDD if somehow is failing, or i had simply a bad mirror and that corrupted the install. Thanks a lot for confirming that all should be fine, and all was on my end.

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No problem on my install either - probably really was a 'specialiity' of your system ... :wink:


For each package mentioned below, I'll ping the last packager according to Pamac.

Rebuild that are kind of urgent to do

@philm : compiz-manjaro is currently broken in Stable (and Testing). It needs to be rebuild so it can work again with the new version of protobuf. See those posts. (There is also a new version from upstream, but the most urgent thing to do for now is rebuilding Compiz against the new version of protobuf.)


  • libcpuid: Upstream is at 0.4.1 (i-nex may need to be rebuilt, if you still want to maintain this package);
  • gimp-gtk3: If you guys really want to continue to maintain a development version of Gimp, a refresh could be nice to have. Build date for current is Nov 24th, 2018.
  • chromium-chromevox: Last packaged Sept 10th, 2013. Phew, more than 5 years old! I accidentally discovered this old relic when searching for Chromium. Does it still even work with the current version of Chromium?
  • pamac-classic: According to someone, it still works. Huh, oh well. It is still out of date though (upstream is at 6.7.0) and the project looks pretty much dead nowadays. It may stop to work properly one day, so it is something to keep an eye on.
  • pamac-dev and pamac-dev-tray-appindicator: I suggest to remove it for now since it isn't used anymore. Add it again if needed in the future (for example, to test out major changes in Pamac).

New requests



@jonathon (I apologize in advance, I know you love this package lol):

Quite a lot of maintenance to do. :slight_smile:


Sorry for double-posting, I noticed this one later and I wanted to be sure that the ping works correctly.

New request

@Ste74: budgie-desktop: I suppose it won't be overlayed anymore? Arch packaged version 10.5 recently. Hopefully it will behave well (or at least not too bad?) alongside Gnome 3.32. :slight_smile:

Already pushed Both Budgie desktop and Budgie extra in unstable a few days ago :wink:

Do you still have the issue, @kouros17 ?
I just tried installing menulibre in Cinnamon, and it seems to work. At least it launches for me:


What system language are you using?

Feral's GameMode has had recent updates lately, but the version is the repo's is severely behind.

Both gamemoded and lib32-gamemoded need updates.

Yes I do, I'm using greek as default language:

(menulibre:29343): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:07:10.658: gtk_menu_attach_to_widget(): menu already attached to GtkMenuButton

(menulibre:29343): Gtk-WARNING **: 21:07:10.706: gtk_menu_attach_to_widget(): menu already attached to GtkMenuButton
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 2217, in do_activate = MenulibreWindow(self, headerbar)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 250, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 589, in configure_application_treeview
    self.treeview = MenulibreTreeview.Treeview(self, builder)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 48, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 59, in _configure_treeview
    treestore = MenuEditor.get_treestore()
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 123, in get_treestore
    return menu_to_treestore(treestore, None, menu)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 111, in menu_to_treestore
    treestore = menu_to_treestore(treestore, treeiter, item[3])
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 100, in menu_to_treestore
    tooltip = escapeText(item[2]['comment'])
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/menulibre/", line 99, in escapeText
    return GLib.markup_escape_text(text, len(text))
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/gi/overrides/", line 415, in markup_escape_text
    return GLib.markup_escape_text(text, length)
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xce in position 80: unexpected end of data

@oberon @ste74 For menulibre, it looks like an issue that happens depending on the language.

There is hope. According to this post, we need to apply a patch in the source code of menulibre. The patch is in the ticket linked in this post.

At that point, we have nothing to lose.

Could it be possible to rebuild the package, with the patch included, and push it in Testing and Unstable?

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2.38 is now in unstable.

sure thing. will try!

@oberon, etcher needs a rebuild.

[merell@Jammin1 ~]$ ls -la /usr/bin/etcher
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 27 Mar 20 05:23 /usr/bin/etcher -> /opt/Etcher/etcher-electron
[merell@Jammin1 ~]$ ls -la /opt
total 20
drwxr-xr-x  5 root root 4096 Feb  8 07:41 .
drwxr-xr-x 18 root root 4096 Dec  2 16:04 ..
drwxr-xr-x  4 root root 4096 Mar 24 16:21 balenaEtcher
drwxr-xr-x  2 root root 4096 Oct 13 11:49 openhardwaremonitor
drwxr-xr-x  7 root root 4096 Mar 16 12:00 xnviewmp
[merell@Jammin1 ~]$ ls -la /opt/balenaEtcher/*etcher*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 81347224 Mar 20 05:23 /opt/balenaEtcher/balena-etcher-electron

I see! :nerd_face: thanks.

I think that pamac-qt needs a rebuild:

QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment.
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/src/qml/MainWindow.qml:-1 File was compiled ahead of time with an incompatible version of Qt and the original file cannot be found. Please recompile

gtksourceview-pkgbuild could use an update to version 4. It was updated for GtkSourceView4 awhile ago.

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updated in unstable. Now supporting all gtksourceview versions 2, 3 and 4. Cool stuff! :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads-up!

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Just wanted to quickly put this here for anyone who might find it useful:

Here's an updated pkgbuild for compiz-manjaro. It is at the last revision on the launchpad bzr (, and pulls the latest greybird package (3.22.10).

NOTE: I replaced the sha256 hash for r4122 with SKIP because for reasons unbeknownst to me, the hash was different each time it downloaded the source tarball :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

# Maintainer : Rob McCathie <korrode AT gmail>
# Contributor: Charles Bos <charlesbos1 AT gmail>
# Contributor: Iven Hsu <ivenvd AT gmail>

pkgdesc="OpenGL compositing window manager. Includes friendly defaults, GWD theme selector and autostart for Xfce & MATE."
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
license=('GPL' 'LGPL' 'MIT')
depends=('boost' 'xorg-server' 'libxcomposite' 'startup-notification' 'librsvg' 'dbus' 'mesa' 'libxslt' 'fuse' 'glibmm' 'libxrender' 'libwnck3' 'pygtk' 'desktop-file-utils' 'pyrex' 'protobuf' 'metacity' 'glu' 'libsm' 'dconf' 'zenity')
makedepends=('cmake' 'intltool')
  'xfce4-panel-compiz: Xfce4-panel with fixes for Compiz'
  'xorg-xprop: grab various window properties for use in window matching rules'
conflicts=('compiz' 'compiz09-manjaro-test' 'compiz-core-bzr' 'compiz-core-devel' 'compiz-core' 'compiz-gtk-standalone' 'compiz-xfce' 'compiz-mate'
           'compiz-core-mate' 'compiz-fusion-plugins-main' 'compiz-fusion-plugins-extra' 'compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported' 'compiz-fusion-plugins-experimental'
           'compiz-decorator-gtk' 'compiz-decorator-kde' 'libcompizconfig' 'compizconfig-python' 'compizconfig-backend-gconf' 'compiz-bcop' 'ccsm')
provides=("compiz=${pkgver/.r*/}" "compiz-core=${pkgver/.r*/}" "compiz-bcop=${pkgver/.r*/}" "ccsm=${pkgver/.r*/}" "compiz-plugins-main=${pkgver/.r*/}" "compiz-plugins-extra=${pkgver/.r*/}" "compizconfig-python=${pkgver/.r*/}" "libcompizconfig=${pkgver/.r*/}")

prepare() {
  cd "${srcdir}/${_upstream}/${_name}/${pkgver:0:6}"
  # Fix decorator start command
  sed -i 's/exec \\"${COMPIZ_BIN_PATH}compiz-decorator\\"/exec \/usr\/bin\/compiz-decorator/g' plugins/decor/

  # Set focus prevention level to off which means that new windows will always get focus
  patch -p1 -i "${srcdir}/focus-prevention-disable.patch"
  # Use Python 2
  find -type f \( -name 'CMakeLists.txt' -or -name '*.cmake' \) -exec sed -e 's/COMMAND python/COMMAND python2/g' -i {} \;
  find compizconfig/ccsm -type f -exec sed -e 's|^#!.*python|#!/usr/bin/env python2|g' -i {} \;
  # Fix incorrect extents for GTK+ tooltips, csd etc
  patch -p1 -i "${srcdir}/gtk-extents.patch"

  # Fix application launching for the screenshot plugin
  patch -p1 -i "${srcdir}/screenshot-launch-fix.patch"
  # Manjaro defaults
  patch -p1 -i "${srcdir}/${pkgname}-defaults.patch"

build() {
  cd "${srcdir}/${_upstream}/${_name}/${pkgver:0:6}"
  export PYTHON="/usr/bin/python2"
  mkdir build; cd build
  cmake .. \
    -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="Release" \
    -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR="/usr/lib" \
    -DBUILD_GTK=On \
    -DBUILD_KDE4=Off \

package() {
  cd "${srcdir}/${_upstream}/${_name}/${pkgver:0:6}/build"
  make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" install

  # findcompiz_install needs COMPIZ_DESTDIR and install needs DESTDIR
  #make findcompiz_install
  CMAKE_DIR=$(cmake --system-information | grep '^CMAKE_ROOT' | awk -F\" '{print $2}')
  install -dm755 "${pkgdir}${CMAKE_DIR}/Modules/"
  install -m644 ../cmake/FindCompiz.cmake "${pkgdir}${CMAKE_DIR}/Modules/"

  # Add documentation
  install -dm755 "${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/compiz/"
  install ../{AUTHORS,NEWS,README} "${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/compiz/"

  # Add the gsettings schema files manually
  if ls generated/glib-2.0/schemas/ | grep -qm1 .gschema.xml; then
    install -dm755 "${pkgdir}/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/"
    install -m644 generated/glib-2.0/schemas/*.gschema.xml "${pkgdir}/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/"
  ## Manjaro stuff
  # Add Manjaro dconf/gsettings schema override file
  install -Dm644 "${srcdir}/${pkgname}.gschema.override" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/${pkgname}.gschema.override"
  # Make ccsm icon appear in Xfce settings manager
  sed -i 's|Categories=Settings;DesktopSettings;|Categories=Settings;DesktopSettings;X-XFCE-SettingsDialog;X-XFCE-OtherSettings;|' "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications/ccsm.desktop"
  # Install GWD theme selector app
  install -Dm755 "${srcdir}/compiz-gtk-decorator-theme-selector" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/compiz-gtk-decorator-theme-selector"
  install -Dm644 "${srcdir}/compiz-gtk-decorator-theme-selector.desktop" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications/compiz-gtk-decorator-theme.desktop"
  # Place autostart/theme scripts/enablers
  install -Dm755 "${srcdir}/compiz-xfce-autostart-setup" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/compiz-xfce-autostart-setup"
  install -Dm644 "${srcdir}/compiz-xfce-autostart-setup.desktop" "${pkgdir}/etc/xdg/autostart/compiz-xfce-autostart-setup.desktop"
  install -Dm755 "${srcdir}/compiz-xfce-uninstall-helper" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/compiz-xfce-uninstall-helper"
  install -Dm644 "${srcdir}/compiz-xfce-uninstall-helper.desktop" "${pkgdir}/etc/xdg/autostart/compiz-xfce-uninstall-helper.desktop"
  # greybird window decorations
  cd "${srcdir}/Greybird-${_greybirdver}"
  mkdir -p "${pkgdir}/usr/share/themes/compiz-xfce-greybird"
  cp LICENSE* "${pkgdir}/usr/share/themes/compiz-xfce-greybird"
  cp -r metacity-1/ "${pkgdir}/usr/share/themes/compiz-xfce-greybird"
  rm "${pkgdir}/usr/share/themes/compiz-xfce-greybird/metacity-1/metacity-theme-2.xml"
  sed -i 's|Greybird|compiz-xfce-greybird|' "${pkgdir}/usr/share/themes/compiz-xfce-greybird/metacity-1/metacity-theme-3.xml"

(For anyone else wanting to build this with makepkg, the rest of it still needs to be downloaded from the manjaro gitlab)

It looks like development has continued in a git repository and is at version 0.9.14, but I haven't had time to look into it yet.

EDIT: Thank you philm for bumping up the pkgrel!

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