Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

Those requests are based from what is available in Unstable currently in my mirror. Sorry in advance if it has already been updated.



  • libcpuid: Upstream is at 0.4.1 (i-nex may need to be rebuilt) (this + i-nex could be dropped if you need to reduce your workload);
  • gimp-gtk3: Build date for current is Nov 24th, 2018. (Honestly, if there is no refresh planned for it, just remove it from repos.)
  • chromium-chromevox: Last packaged Sept 10th, 2013. Phew, more than 5 years old! Does it still even work with the current version of Chromium?
  • pamac-classic: Out-of-date upstream is at 6.7.0 1) and the project is dead. Even if there won’t be a new version anytime soon, Team must keep an eye on it in case it ceases to work. (Could be removed to reduce your workload.)
  • pamac-dev and pamac-dev-tray-appindicator: Out-of-date and not adapted to the new way Pamac is packaged nowadays. (Should be removed IMO.)
  • amarok: Has not been refreshed for months (Build date: Nov 24th, 2018). No idea if it still works with current QT. (Confirmed to be still usable with current environment, and still is ahead of upstream official releases.)

New requests


  • amdvlk: A new version (2.85.[…]) available on the source the build file is based on. (Not an important release.)
  • snapd: Upstream is at 2.38.1. We have 2.38. (Not an important release, and AUR is still at 2.38 for comparison.)


  • gnome-terminal-fedora: Gnome Terminal 3.32.1 is currently available. We have 3.32.0.

Our package is still newer than their latest release! :wink:

I just installed 200+ MB of dependencies to check on Cinnamon :wink: . So at least it opens ... and I guess if it would be broken in any way, people would have reported.

2.84.0421.g1dd300a is built against so it's the most recent release, it just has a different version number than the spec file.

There are no release assets for 2.38.1, . "Official" AUR package is still at 2.38.

Thanks for your answers and sorry for the bother then. :slightly_smiling_face:

It's all good looking out. :wink:

backintime is now at version 1.2.0.

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The package command-not-found needs a rebuild because cnf-lookup is linked against libboost 1.68.0 but 1.69.0 is current.

cnf-lookup: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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Rebuilt package is now in unstable.


Thank you! I have forwarded it to testing and stable, since matching boost-libs is already there ... :wink:

Not that I use Desktop Icons in Gnome, but it looks like there is a new version of desktop-icons for gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons

@Ste74 Maybe you want to update it.

It's there already and I have to say many many much anticipated and wanted changes.


Yes but

pacman -Si gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons
Version         : 19.01.1-1

and shows as latest version 19.01.2

He may have done that because "Adapta theme not work well with Gnome 3.32 release"

@Ste74 inxi 3.0.34 is out with new features!

module r8168 (need kernel >=4.15)

That's an Arch community package, not Manjaro specific.

Well, Manjaro Team does maintain r8168 module for their Linux kernels, linux419-r8168 for example.

Does it really need that? Is there a reason why it wouldn't work on Linux 4.14 for example?

@philm @oberon

okay to repeat here
calamares and calamares-git in repo needs to be rebuilt as they dont work on testing branch
i suspect its because of kpmcore package update.

In arch... In manjaro is a specific Kernel module.

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