Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

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Please, try it now - should work again

I noticed it one minute after my post.

I will later today.

@philm we have 2 libxpresent

extra :     libxpresent    1.0.0+2+gdd6771c-1
community:  libxpresent    1.0.0-1

... since December 2018 !! :rofl:

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Rebuild done in all branches with 1.2.2-2

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Is it just me or did betterdiscord get removed from the community repos?

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It did.
'betterdiscord' essentially deprecated..
AUR packages for example havent been updated since 2017 and have been flagged since 2018.

BetterDiscord v1 branch is no longer maintained

It looks like someone has tried to continue the project at

But it seems incomplete and hasnt been updated for over 6 months.

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rauenzi's fork seems pretty current

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Funny. Links to that on the same page right under 'not maintained' .. :thinking:

latest commit 7 days ago?

This was the version that was in the community repos

Still works fine, or used to until it was removed

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Just got home and confirmed that if I install from the repository, it still works fine with the latest discord version.

All I had to do was run betterdiscordctl update and betterdiscordctl reinstall and the extensions I had before loaded

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New grub patch from Arch relating to the new initramfs setup, it's replaced their old configuration patch. @philm @oberon


grub is specific under manjaro , with patches added

it will be in unstable first

image image


steam-native could use updated dependencies: depends changed to libva

Also Arch is using STEAM_RUNTIME_HEAVY by default.

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