Manjaro-specific packages which need an update

Matcha GTK theme stable version 20200403-1 produces following warnings to terminal after start of GTK application (for example Firefox):

Gtk-WARNING **: ... : Theme parsing error: gtk.css:6536:26: 'dakren' is not a valid color name
Gtk-WARNING **: ... : Theme parsing error: gtk.css:6539:22: 'dakren' is not a valid color name

Problem is probably resolved in today's update of upstream (

Thanks for solving.

Under the line:
I noticed that on Manjaro GitLab is still version 20200329 ... even if in all branches is 20200403.

My original post which @scachemaille was questioning the details of was submitted yesterday afternoon (15:57 according to the post timestamp), thanks for updating so quickly anyway :wink:

Thanks for quick update of matcha-gtk-theme even in stable.

Slick greeter is due for an update I guess. We have 1.2.8 and upstream is at 1.3.2. :slight_smile:

Last packager of lightdm-slick-greeter is @linux-aarhus.

LightDM Settings (that is used alongside Slick Greeter) is also due for an update. We have 1.2.8 and upstream is at 1.3.3.

Last packager is @oberon.

Perhaps we are due for some cleanup in term of greeters for LightDM. There is some pretty old stuff that I wonder if they even still work nowadays, like lightdm-another-gtk-greeter (build date: 2014-04-18, oh boy)(@philm), lightdm-webkit2-greeter-manjaro(build date: 2017-05-17)(@ste74), etc.


lightdm-slick-greeter and lightdm-settings packages is now in unstable.


They are not the only packages that need a significant cleanup. :dizzy_face:

linux-latest needs a version bump to 5.6, i do not have permission to submit this myself.

Brave browser V1.7.92 is out
In our repos we have V1.7.90 (stable branch)

In a few minutes in unstable

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gnome-terminal-fedora is due for an update. We have and upstream is at

Last packager is @philm.

I Will look into It this evening :slight_smile:

wicd .. or rather our version in repos wicd-patched is currently broken as it requires python2-urwid @linux-aarhus

I have removed it from the repos - I will see if it is possible to convert - no promises though.

Mint themes 1.8.4 was released yesterday. :slight_smile:


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Thanks. Updated in unstable now.

The package bashtop (blame DistroTube :laughing:) has a dependency for lm-sensors while the correct package name is lm_sensors (underscore instead of dash). Sorry if I'm off topic. I could not find a more appropriate place in the forum to post this.

Also since I am here. Dash-to-panel just got updated

This is already fixed in Archlinux 3 days ago.

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