Manjaro stability/breakage?

just wondering how stable manjaro is, is it likely to break? ive been running solus (rolling distro) for about one year and it hasnt broken once. i was wondering if manjaro is likely to be as stable and unbreakable as solus has been for me

im not a very tech user

thank you :slight_smile:

The question can be answered very quickly, SET IT IN

Have fun with this system

Just a couple of post to start from and also check the linked post to them. Starting a new discussion about this is not helpful. Forum search works quite nice :wink:

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See here:

Scroll down for the results section. The take home message is, it is really reasonably stable (and my estimation is that it is the most stable of all rolling distros, but maybe some Gentoo users are here to tell me wrong?).
I used Tumbleweed (it tumbles, indeed) and Debian testing/unstable (testing is quite stable most of the time, unstable is ... yes unstable now and then) and KDE Neon, but that only rolls the KDE portion of it. And then I used Debian stable based distros and a couple of Unubut-Derivatives.

My impression is that a good release of a non-rolling Distro will be more stable than Manjaro (as long as you don't try to add PPAs for everything you want more up to date). My experience with Manjaro stable is that it is a very satisfying experience overall. An occasional hiccup, but to date nothing serious was hitting me.

The latest round of stable update was a good example, you could see that there were issues in testing and things were held back until Plasma went 5.13.2. So the sable users were hit by less bugs (still some of them were hit ...). So if you really want to have it STABLE, you better wait a week or two after announcement of a stable update and read the announcement thread carefully. Sometimes (and thankfully) smaller fixes are released afterwards.

Still, if you want to install and forget, go with one of the LTS releases elsewhere, unless you don't like to have your software-stack to not have the latest everything.


It is only as stable as the person using it, has been my observation.

  • Are you the type of user that reads and follows Update Announcements? Good!
  • Are you the type of user that thinks before randomly installing packages? That will work.
  • Are you the type of user that tries to learn the underlying operating system? Aces!
  • Are you the type of user that searches for answers before randomly posting half-empty questions? We appreciate that, truly.
  • Are you the type of user that enjoys Linux learning? Here's an opportunity.
  • Are you the type of user willing to take responsibility over your hardware? If you don't know it, how are we to?
  • Are you the type of user open to owning your mistakes? Honesty counts.
  • Are you the type of user who enjoys being a part of an active, vibrant Linux Community (ours), and willing to grow with us? We want you!

Not all of those are requirements to be a successful user of a leading-edge Linux distribution but they will help you or any other user tremendously.

There is only one requirement that we make of you, if you want to succeed here. That you must have a Good Heart and that is all.

My two cents.

regards, and Welcome to Manjaro Linux! :smiley:


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