manjaro stuck on login screen

manjro is struck on login screen after choosing awesome windows manager or i3 WM,I need to switch off my machine to login with plasma to work

  • I have just newly installed both WM
  • no configuration is done

You need to properly configure the awesome wm, so the session loads correctly. You can always switch to TTY and check what is failing to load, try to start awesome from there ...

same is happening for i3 can you give a bit more detail

I have no details about your system ... I don't know what packages you installed and how you configured them.
compton aka picom should be also configured as compositor for those WMs, but maybe you use a different compositor?
Maybe later we find out that you wanted to see how sway works, because you want wayland :slight_smile: ... So, care to be YOU the one that provides more details about what you actually did and how?

Each DE and WM that has a profile for manjaro, also has corresponding packages to provide particular configurations.
manjaro-kde-settings - for KDE Plasma
manjaro-awesome-settings or manjaro-awesome-settings-18.0 - for awesome wm
manjaro-i3-settings - for i3wm
Only one of this packages can be installed at a time. Each provides some user configurations that will be placed in /etc/skel folder, and in order to make use of them in an existent user, you need to copy all the dotfiles and folders to your user home directory. Some will overwrite what you have already in place from a different DE (the one that you installed first), some might be conflictual, reason why we recommend to use different user for each DE/WM session (in case they are newbies) so the system doesn't break.

What error you get from TTY is important to know, and please deal with issues one at a time.

no error prompt but the screen gets struck on login after I select i3 or awesome WM and press enter after entering password

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