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i couldnt agree more except for the part where he states the tools are not important for the outcome, like i explained above. funny dude, is he norwegian or finnish? those people have some of the most no BS mentality in europe ... a true white knight viking and he is right all the way and that video is a year old.

thanks for the hint, mr. glitch!

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No, he's from Poland like me. I found his channel some time ago. Two years or something :slight_smile:

I found cool channel few minutes ago, a bit of music and tutorials for Bitwig. If I understand description he is sharing presets also

The Bitwig Patch is, as always free to download in my Github Repo.

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wow amazing! i havent even checked out the bitwig modular system as i have a large eurorack system. i have to test how this would run on my machine and manjaro. where no man has gone before indeed!

i also just listened to airwindows, the man seems to spend all his life in the cave and his software is amazing especially this:

here is another man i deeply admire. he creates funk drum breaks for 30 years now. on an amiga from 1990, he still performs with it on stage. not a linux head but would be for sure if he was 18 now. low level computing at its finest!

he plays live in berlin on march 07 in ohm club, only 8 euro. meet me there!

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:smile: Probably.

I heard that people used Comodore 64 as a synthesizer or something, my knowledge about electronic music is very tiny but I like to listen it from time to time.

Hey, if you know any channels on youtube or whatever video platform with tutorials I'll be happy to add them to the list. Basically I gather everything what can be helpful.
For now its not too much, I was focused more on pro-audio software in repos. I mean putting description about every plugin/software into PDF :smiley:

so here is a prelim report:

i have the above mentioned setup up and running in manjaro except for 2 hickups.

  • im using cadence for audio setups. there is an option where you pipe alsa -> pulseaudio -> jack. that doesnt seem to work as the audio mixer plugin cant connect to the pulseaudio server afterwards. now i use alsa -> jack instead. this is for applications that cant handle jack by themselves like audacity.

  • i use reaper for all audio file arrangement. cant get it to install off any repository. there is a binary arch version but that doesnt seem to work in manjaro. build it off source seems to be a little excessive? any solutions?

solved the reaper issue, the 86_64bit native linux version works fine ... any hints as to the pulseaudio bridge?

Did you set autospawn to no in .pulse/client.conf?

not explicitely. im fine with the alsa -> jack bridge. its simpler and you dont have to deal with gazillion pulse audio channels that only make sense on surround systems anyways.

so from what i can tell everything runs ways better than in the usuall kxstudio setup. all you need to do is install jack and ffado in my case and figure out a way to manage jack connections and you are good to go.

linux audio is a mess though i hope that changes soon. i now have a ferrari engine running a slightly mismatched antiquated audio chassis.

no now im messing around with my midi setup and want to integrate my midisport interface but cant find the midisport-firmware. its not in the repos and i also cant find an arch based package.

any hints?

As far as the pulse audio jack bridge problem goes, there is an easy fix.
To make that start button clickable, you have to install "pulseaudio-jack".

For bridge type, select the "ALSA > Pulseaudio > Jack" option.
I hope that helps.

Btw, I'm a music teacher and have switched my production to Linux in the fall of 2018. I also prefer the Arch-based way because of the speed which comes in handy when rendering a high res image or animation.
Here is a blog article which goes into much more detail:

No idea if this might help:

hi and thanks!

you want me to compile that? is there no easier way to install midisport-firmware?

Look, i just pointed you to maybe the only source of midisport firmware related stuff, that even lists an email contact. The rest is up to you.
We're talking here about a niche product which entered the market in 1999 (!) and can easily be replaced by any modern class-compliant usb audio interface with midi option for a couple of bucks; except you need midi-through.

yes of course, maybe im not up to date with that. the maudio midisport interfaces were standard linux compatible hardware when i started off with ubuntu. they are inexpensive and timing wise rock solid which is important as i sequence everything from pure data. with a low latency kernel i get a precision of around 1 ms ... which is unheard of in win/mac via usb. so im trying to compile but cant believe those drivers are not around in the arch world.

btw. im also experiencing a serious decline of stability at the moment. pulse audio seems to crash right after startup so i have to restart i manually. my studio machine usually runs 24/7 but after about 24 hours im getting a black screen after i try to resume. then i have to press the reset button and thats not good because of possible file system damage and more instability. not sure what to do about that other than reinstalling manjaro. maybe stop updating?

In that context you would be better off considering why you are running manjaro in the first place, if your use case is so specialized and narrowed to maximum latency and stability there are probably better choices.
And then there is always the option to investigate the cause of recurring problems.

So it does not run 24/7, the machine sleeps/hibernates and shows issues with that; which is a totally different scenario altogether.

yes true, but it did run 24/7 until about a week ago.

im ready and willing to investigate anything believe me :slight_smile: my case is not that specialized, i need a general purpose machine without timing issues because i make experimental electronic music and dont use daws but program everything in pure data, see my first post. 5-10 ms random lag make a huge difference in sequenced music and thats what you get on ANY win/mac usb midi interface.

so technically and phisophically there doesnt seem to be a better choice at the moment.


so i managed to clear up the pulseaudio issue. i reinstalled the pulse audio package and pulseaudio is being restarted after cadence started it already and causes the crash. just disable "pulseaudio autostart at login" in cadence and you are fine.

the black screens also seem to have cleared up with an update. i still get them if i hibernate but i suspect thats an issue of the mainboard os im using.

anyways since this thread will close in a few days: this was a highly successful experiment and id like to thank everybody who contributed to manjaro - you are the future of computing! :wink:

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