Manjaro themes doesn't work with Gnome3.36 if I restart the shell

It doesn't work as usual if I restart the Gnome shell.

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Gnome 3.36 just hit unstable. It was expected that things will start breaking even with all the precautions taken in advance, and some time will pass till there will be straight answers and solutions for all the issues.
Why are you using that branch ? :slight_smile:

Also, if you run on wayland the Alt+F2 then type r will not work, it never did.

An entirely unfounded suspicion - thought - gnome developers breaks theming on purpose :laughing: simply to discourage theming - I don't know - it is stunning how often new releases is breaking themes.

@Ste74 just did a patch for manjaro-gdm-theme-19.0 that at least on my end solves the theme switch issue on xorg plus the restart of the shell (this seems to only work once per session), and some inconsistencies i noticed in wayland.

The restarting problem still exists.
Never mind, it seems that it hasn't been release yet.

I note from your profile that you've been registered as a forum member since 2018.

Please check the Unstable (branch) Updates Announcements here:

If you have an issue with Unstable not already mentioned there, post it there in the latest thread.

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I see.

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