Manjaro uses integrated graphics card instead of dedicated

Hi there. Command lspci | grep VGA shows, that manjaro uses integrated Intel graphics. How to change my default GPU to dedicated graphics card (Nvidia)?

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Is it a laptop or PCI graphics or what?

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either you can switch via bios setting
or: (right modules must be loaded)

install nvidia via mhwd

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Assuming you're using a laptop, you can use primusrun to run particular applications with the NVIDIA GPU, e.g.

primusrun glxgears

Alternatively, if you want to use only the dGPU you can use the PRIME approach:

If you're new to Linux I suggest you stick with the defaults and run applications with primusrun.

And to add the (recently noticed) xyproblem :star_struck:

I laughed then I cried now I have to ask, what the hell is it? It seems like there was some problem??? :smile:

The eternal problem of how to ask the right questions for a problem.
Also similar but more strict guide is from Linux Mint . I suggest we fork it to Manjaro!! :sunglasses:

Yes good idea, never read it until now but it has all the good concepts as is needed in a nice format. :grinning:

If by "fork" you mean more whipping and less crying, then I totally agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, of course I am totally kidding, we love all questions here no matter how vague or ill supported by facts or sound reasoning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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