Manjaro WebDad Community Edition 17.1.11-alpha-8

Manjaro WebDad comes with Just Another Desktop Environment (JADE) made with Web technologies.

Jade is a completely different DE concept, that changes the way you interact with your desktop, is made to be easy to use, independently of your computer skills.

Native notifications to speech functionality. Desktop/ browser or phone notifications, are read by JADE voice to you, so you wont have to stop what you are doing to read your notifications, Text notifications are still supported.

KDE Connect is used to communicate across all your devices. You can receive your phone notifications on your desktop computer, control music playing on your phone from your desktop, or use your phone as a remote control for your desktop.

KDE Connect for Android can be found in the Google Play Store and F-droid.
This is a work in progress.

Video -


What is the main focus?

  • The main focus is UX how easy it will be to use and possibly integration with the WEB, that also means less things to click on the better keep it simple.

  • At the moment is still far way for it to be the way I would like, slowly it will get there eventually.

How do i remove voice speech?

  • remove - webdad-speech package
  • press mute on your keyboard or use sound icon on the desktop.
  • mute mimic with pulseaudio

Desktop zoomming

  • CTRL +
  • CTRL -

How do I change the wallpapers?

  • That feature was no yet implemented.

How much ram does it use?

  • Around 1gb, in the future that might drop down, if ram usage is a concern use something else.

Can I use this desktop now?

  • Is still a concept, I use it in a daily basis and try have it in a working state but it could break at any time, use at your own risk.

Is this Edition an official Manjaro project?

  • At the moment It is a Community effort and the Manjaro Team was so kind to host the packages so we can all use it, otherwise this Edition would never be possible.

What is the password in the live image?

  • manjaro

What is under the hood?

  • LightDM
  • Kwin
  • Cairo Dock
  • Jade
  • GTK and QT
  • Maybe Wayland in the future.

Download Manjaro WebDad



I have built an iso and made some little test,

pamac failed to ask for autentication (opening preferences or install a program)

For curiosity, terminator "open" in /opt/jade while other terminal open in /home/manjaro


Missing Firefox

That is just a test build, I uploaded to share with Phill is not for general use.

I still have not decided all the base software.

Strange name...... Care to explain?


Hello there,
very good news about a new flavor coming to Manjaro awesome communities... it is the 1st time I've heard of this Jade DE... I will give it a try and give bk my impressions once I have this iso downloaded.. Cheers

There is no iso download yet, if you want to try install jade-dashboard from the repos

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@codesardine JADE looks great! Good on you for creating it & thanks for releasing it into the wild. :slight_smile:

Apart from anything else, WebDad is an excellent way to introduce people to your new "application/DE".

I think that JADE will become very popular. :sunglasses:


@codesardine I installed Jade DE on my Gnome 3.26 DE looks really awesome and elegantly modern.. reminds me of Chomebook idea for using Linux and the web..really nice GUI btw congrats!! I will try to make an iso tomorrow with manjaro minimal..
Captura de pantalla de 2017-11-11 22-02-12
Captura de pantalla de 2017-11-11 22-10-35


thanks @handy I guess this is my way of giving back :smile:

@xircon WebDad will cater to people that heavily use the web, and will integrate with the web, Imagine twitter feeds directly on the desktop without opening any application :wink:

It will also bring web apps to the desktop same way MacOx has for years, wile maintaining desktop applications you already use.

WebDad is just a term that defines the underlying used technology and it means Web Developers and Designers, as it is a desktop that can be easily modified or extended for someone with those skills.


this looks quite impressive so far, I just watched your JADE demo from the link in the JADE thread. I really like the layout and concept. it's always good to see new concepts and ideas being born so I hope this one takes off like deepin and budgie have

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@codesardine thanks that makes sense now!

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with a name like that it needs to come with built in dad jokes. i suggest you get to work on that as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I can try, but i am warning you, I am known to have bad jokes.

dadsay instead of cowsay, has to be done :slight_smile:


Hello warning you, I am dad


I would love to try it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say what most people would be using, and nothing of everything else.

Perhaps some of these:
agave audacity calibre chromium easytag evince gedit gimp gnome-specimen gtk3-print-backends go guvcview imagewriter jre9-openjdk k3b lib32-alsa-oss libreoffice-still openshot pepper-flash q4wine simple-scan simplescreenrecorder soundconverter steam steam-native-runtime thunderbird transmageddon wine-mono wine_gecko yaourt

These could also be good alternatives to the above ones:
kdenlive krita

Just curious, but why imagewriter from the AUR? What is wrong with the one in the repos?

Sorry, you are right. That one is better. Editing.

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It is indeed gnome based, with some QT(KDE apps) and most apps you listed are already in the image.


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