Manjaro website links broken

The manjaro website has been great, however the download link for Kde is broken. Please fix :slight_smile:.
The broken page
Link points to
It should be

Minimal is also broken. Version numbers also need to be updated to 19.0.1.

For me, the links link to:

This sounds like you have a cached version...

Mine points to 19.0.1.

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Maybe or maybe it just got updated. Thanks! Please close.

All the links are broken for me too (Gnome, KDE, XFCE). I'll delete my browser cache and see if that helps but at this time it appears that the links are all broken.

I had also just done the last update which updated firefox. Once I deleted the firefox cache everything looks like it is working so I had some old cache data.

CTRL + F5 should work.

I need to get better with my keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for pointing that out I'll have to remember that one.

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