Manjaro Wiki Links to a Virus ISO Burner

I was unsure where the best place to put this would be so I put it here. I can move it to a more relevant location if necessary.

I was attempting to troubleshoot why Manjaro wouldn't install on my computer. For whatever reason I figured I'd try a different iso burner, unlikely to make a difference, but why not?

Anyways, I followed the main website to this wiki link. Under the "Burning to a CD/DVD in Windows" section there is a link to ImgBurn. If you follow that link, go to the downloads page for the latest release it takes you to a pretty fishy mirror. Well I downloaded it and ran it against VirusTotal and this was the result. It installs OpenCandy AdWare. Now obviously the slightly more aware wouldnt fall for this. But it still seems like a bad thing to have linked on the Wiki. I just wanted to make you guys aware.

I went on to the ImgBurn forum to see if they were aware that their number 1 mirror has a virus wrapper on it. However it would seem that the main Author of the application is already aware and is more concerned about specifying that its really more of a PUP than a virus.

In my opinion I feel like there are way better ISO burning applications out there that should be recommended over anything on that list. Stuff like Etcher, UUI, and even Unetbootin are better and as it would seem safer choices of ISO burners.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do or any questions I can answer.



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