Manjaro Wiki on VirtualBox Guest Additions - Resolution/Mouse Issues

Regarding the following:

Why isn't the following page linked in that place?

It says you have to install Guest Additions from within the VM, but doesn't even HINT at how to do that. Meanwhile, several other things in the Wiki list a step by step process for doing all kinds of things. Why not here? Wouldn't this solve 90% of the problems people have with VB?

Because often the instructions straight from virtualbox often aren't the best way to do things in Manjaro.

EDIT: The manual actually is linked already.

It is covered here with a step by step process:

That page is a little strangely organized. Tips & Tricks is above the installation instructions. Give me a minute to make some changes.

Good, well presented information is always better. That being said, many of the challenges people encounter with virtualization software are quite varied.

Take a look now and see if that better addresses your concerns.

Installing inside a Manjaro Guest is done by means of pacman or pamac

sudo pacman -Syu virtualbox-guest-utils


sudo pamac install virtualbox-guest-utils

Manjaro (inherit from Arch) and Arch compile binaries including the VirtualBox Utils as to fit the Arch ecosystem - the unified filesystem and location for binaries. As such the use of the VirtualBox Guest ISO is not recommened.

A HowTo on USB and Shared Folders is also availble on the forum

Since when do we use sudo with pamac? :thinking:

Because it is possible?

The build command does not allow sudo - everything else seems to do.

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