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I would like to improve Manjaro documentation in Wiki, but already one week I can't get an account. Registration to Wiki is restricted to Administrator group ( ) and it seems the only way now to contribute to Wiki is to contact some of admins and ask for an account. The problem is that admins seems to be very busy or something, and I get no answer for 5 days. Why not to open up registration for Manjaro Wiki to public? I think I'm not the only who would love to contribute some useful content to users.


Simply because it's open to abuse and there aren't enough people who have the time to track down and revert every malicious change that is made.

It presents a barrier, yes, but the alternative...

And some simple captcha for registration would not solve the problem? I don't say open Manjaro Wiki for unregistered users to edit, that surely might cause abuse. But why not let registered users edit wiki and make a secure registration?

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Because people can be a-holes, especially when they know there is no one or a limited number of people policing the wiki. Just because you have good intentions doesnt mean some jerk wont go in and either outright put offensive/inappropriate/lude/off topic content in the wiki or worse yet go in and put what looks like good directions but what ultimately may intentionally cause data lose or other malicious consequences for those depending on it for help.

Captcha aims to tell when its a person and not a bot, when they invent captcha for d-bags the world will be a better place.


Ah now I get the point. I expected it's abuse from bots. Anyway this Manjaro Wiki "barrier" feels like a problem. I think I am not the only who would like to contribute, but can't do that because of restrictions.

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State your case--in its entirety--to the powers-that-be, and you might be surprised what might happen. I would suggest using Manjaro's messaging...

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What do you mean Manjaro's messaging? I used this forum private messages, IRC and Telegram group, but I'm still unable to get access to editing wiki...

How is this different than the current registration system? Surely it decreases the number of annoying and abusive accounts, but I'm sure if someone wanted to, it wouldn't be very difficult to apply for an account and grief etc. I have been an admin on a different MediaWiki wiki for about 3 years, and I would think that disabling Anon editing would be enough to deter a LOT of people from doing stupid crap.
I'd also be willing to up my time spent on the wiki to help deal with this stuff in a timely manner.


It's not as accurate or even helpful as I would've liked with the basic stuff like restoring grub for when installer can't install it right, or making AUR packages accessible with GUI.

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