Manjaro Wiki sanitization - report dangerously outdated articles here!

I think it must be time for some wiki safety net, hygienic stuff for people don't get hurt.
We all know that the Wiki needs some hands on and a lot of love.
But still, newcomers take some time to realize it's not totally safe to follow anything it is written.
I suggest at least to make it safe. Not complete whatever needs change or addition.
Un-publish things that don't work or are not current, since, by definition, a rolling release rolls forward, the wiki should roll on the same speed or it might make not few people unhappy (and some angry) and it won;t be their fault. It's pitty.

So, maybe the wiki will be unexpectendly small, but it would be better rather obsolete with unknown consequences.

And because all the smart-guys will rush with "So why don't you voluntere?", yes, I do my dear!
I can spend some of my plenty free time, with a little assistance to whatever I will need to ask from the more knowledgable gurus.
That's all. What do you think?
Do you suggest I create a poll? :1234:


I do update the pages that I've written when I discover that changes are warranted. I also have removed some of my pages over the years as the topic of the page had become redundant.

On this "new" forum & on the "old" forum, I always create/d a page in the Tutorials section that the wiki page can link to, so that anyone who finds a page needs updating or correcting can notify me by the link that I put in the Support section at the bottom of the pages that I write. (It also allows me to notify the community if there have been changes to the wiki page.)

There are pages in the wiki that have been written by people that are no longer a part of this community. There may be problems with some of those pages? I don't know about their pages, I only know what I do know. :wink:

No finger pointing @handy , I ve been here long enough to know all that. My concern was just triggered (more) with recent posts by people who were reporting misguidance from wiki posts. And I see the wiki as a collective or Manjaro representation, not a "who writes updates" or such. I just feel bad about that.

Edit: I think I need more likes to start working...

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Yes, but you need people who are willing and actually have time to edit the wiki. I used to manage wikis and gamepedia wikis and moderate them too myself, but I got too busy and I dropped all wiki work. I'd love to help edit the Manjaro wiki, but I have no more time to do so.

And no one can expect the Manjaro team to work on the wiki because they are too busy working on Manjaro itself.

We just need more people who are willing and can update the wiki. We've posted about the wiki multiple times on this forum already, but people don't want to help out or can't help in large amounts due to busyness.

You may have not noticed that I don't propose a wiki sprint, but a sanitization, making it safe to refer to, nevertheless.
How can you advertise the Wiki existance when it is not advisable to use it in the blind?
Maybe add some general banner/disclaimer

Use at your own risk


Always check Last Edited dates


Double-check with Manjaro Forum or Archwiki


So no one from the Manjaro team keeps the Manjaro system stuff up to date? (I've done only a little of the system stuff, a long time ago & don't do any of that official stuff anymore.) I've seen edits in the past made by philm. & I'm sure that excalibur is contributing in this manner when required. I don't know what cscs does, or who else is involved? I do know that there aren't enough of them.

I really don't know who does what these days as I've been out of the team for years now. I also don't go looking to see who has written what. (I just do what I do & try to look after it.)

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I have run into ~2 verified 'wiki was wrong or incomplete' instances recently. Both of which were promplty corrected :wink:
I have also seen about the same number or more of posts claiming such, but were really instances of user error.
I have actually been going over the wiki page-by-page and have quite the intention of reorganizing and expanding it. (my free time got taken away, so its on hold for the moment)
Dont worry, it'll get there. In the meantime the best thing is for any errors to be reported so that they can be fixed without us needing to stumble upon them :slight_smile:


You mean this section is OK?
Apart from M-A all the rest are at least back to years like Advanced Installation cannot handle GPT, or stuff not present today.
And I will say again, I respect the work the Manjaro team does to everyday updates. That's why I don't say "update the wiki", just un-publish what is obsolete to prevent accidents.
And maybe merge related pages in an overall complete one, but it 's not in OP scope.

Ah, yes, I havent touched the installation pages. Further, I have no Deletion powers. Most lowly editors do not :persevere:

Well. You know what, I have a fresh yoga 3 11 that is about to be invaded by Manjaro-Cinnamon.
Before I do that, I will take some time grabbing screenshots and revisiting those sections. :smiley:


I wonder if having a pinned "Wiki Feedback' thread, perhaps in the Newbie section would help? Less chance of 'issues' get lost/overlooked then. :thinking:


That would be fine. IF it is kept up to date. Which it certainly won't always be...

Hi one of the "Newbies" here. I think that is a wonderful idea, given that it is us newbies that are running for help for everything to start with and wiki is one of the very convenient ways to find initial help. Especially when some of us might be shy to ask in the forum. The caveat though is, that us newbies are more prone to "user errors" and might scream blue murder without realising.

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a wiki can be edited by everybody, and you should do exactly that whenever you feel it needs to change.
feel free to move/reorganize/delete articles. you can also put a big warning box at the top of wiki articles instead of deleting stuff.

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U tokin 2 me? You mean the wiki-wiki not the forum wiki? Then OK, I will do my best! :sunglasses:

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i was talking about

but my statements are true for the tutorials section of the forum (and the wikified topics in there), too. here, the original author of the topic will be notified about changes you have done and can react quickly (if he is still around).
if you find outdated topics here, which you can not correct, you can PM a moderator and we will remove/hide it completely.

As a long-time debian (non-power) user, I found the software management piece to manjaro confusing and the wiki wasn't always much help.
So.... You may have noticed I've been editing the software management pages at the wiki, trying to get them organized to make more sense; but I only know what I know :slight_smile: (which is only KDE)

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I am glad someone takes care of the wiki.
Other than that, the wiki is also sanitized from more users!... :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face::innocent:

Edit: The good news is I got a wiki account, thanks to the Team.
The not so inspiring is the difficulty to co-operate/ordinate the needed changes with the wiki editors. So we edit by personnal preferences/inspiration. At least it' s more than less... :blossom:


Update: In that section most articles got the warning like this:


Thanks, @linux-aarhus!

If anybody spots an outdated article with significantly dangerous information, please report here!


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