Manjaro Wiki sanitization - report dangerously outdated articles here!

I believe this page is grievously outdated.

Couple of snippets

The 0.8.10 Manjaro main editions use Plymouth by default. 
Plymouth is not available from the Manjaro repositories but AUR.

The link to forum support is also broken; maybe it once pointed somewhere in the old forum?

(Is there any chance quoting will magically summon the departed? :sob:)

While Plymouth is still in the AUR, I have read elsewhere that Plymouth is now deprecated by Manjaro insiders, and has been dropped from the ISO since November 2017 (when I updated the removal instructions).

So, I propose removing everything from the Plymouth page EXCEPT for the removal instructions. What do you think?

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@grinner: Yes! Plymouth is quite dead on Manjaro. Had a recent question on that:

That sounds fine to me (but I know very little about Plymouth which how I ended up on that page).

I do note that there is a version of Plymouth still in the repositories.

You are right. @Ste74 deleted it, but it is back. He also mentioned that the themes should stay. So, I am no longer confident I should simply delete that part of the Wiki.

Oh.. seem @philm reintegred it :open_mouth:

This wiki about nvidia configuration, includes instructions for steam.

A user got into trouble following it.
Can someone with experience on steam have a look at it for validity, or suggest some corrections?
At 1st look, there is no mention about 390xx etc considerations..

Edit: Even if you don't have a wiki account, just post the proposed changes here or PM me, so I can edit the wiki article. :wink:

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IMO, we should consider just removing those instructions from that page. They are out of place. The page talks about installing nvidia drivers for a dedicated gpu scenerio and then randomly there is section at the bottom for hybrid/optimus graphics and steam. Either that, or there needs to be a lot more detail added around how and why you woul setup optimus graphics in the first place.

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Agreed. I also find this page confusing and unclear on what should be done and why. Also I do not like the unnecessary usage of the force flag in sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-bumblebee

This article exists also, with a very similar topic.

I agree there is some confusion, that I could try refining, but my problem is with steam, which I have no idea (as well as any modern games). I was wondering if there is any useful advice about steam that could be left in the wiki, or should I delete the complete page as

I have already added a warning, until we come up with a proper action.
Deleting would be the easiest, but.. I don't go for the easiest things 1st, only as a last choice.. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are right with steam. Unfortunately I do not use steam. Therefore, I am not much help with steam specific questions. But I think this whole graphics driver topic with Optimus Manager, Prime needs organization. Maybe this tutorial should also be added, seeing how often it is referred to.

Steam is perpetually changing, let alone the ongoing integration of its games into the Linux world.

Perhaps someone could put links to pertinent pages on Valve's site (& elsewhere if valid)?

I could say the same about Restore Grub Tutorial, which leads me again to my opinion to stop using Manjaro wiki, in favor of a good structure of the forum Tutorials category/section.

I don't like to start fire on this, so I 'd prefer to either have a Steam/Games user to add advice, or we just delete/disable the specific wiki page. We can wait for input for some more time, since, as I said, I 've added a Warning, to keep it "safe".

More opinions are welcome and really appreciated .

@AgentS, I always liked the "old" Manjaro forum's Tutorials section. As, not only I, found it really quite easy to browse, let alone search, for relevant information.

I've always disliked the Discourse forum for its lack of ease in those aforementioned regards. My problem, I know. I'm not a "phoney", I use a proper computer when I'm on the net.

I'm not trying to change the forum software used. I've already given that one my best shot ages back when I created & ran another forum that fairly closely mirrored the "old" forum. I copied all (>200) of the Tutorials over manually, editing & updating them where required, & linked them to their relevant wiki pages where appropriate, in "my" forum (as I've done with my wiki pages in this forum too).

Also, I offering to donate the forum to Manjaro & maintain it for them or not as they chose. Discourse won.

Discourse sucks by design, when it comes to historical reference. Therefore imho, the wiki "should" be even more important, for the users of Manjaro to refer to.

Generally, they rarely, if ever, use the wiki.

Which is the prime reason why (after years of it) I've stopped creating & maintaining Manjaro wiki pages. (Apart from some dickhed going through & marking things out of date & not informing the creator via an email or forum post - even when all of my wiki pages are linked to a forum page for users to post re. any problems & such in the "Support" section. That one was kind of the last straw... :slight_smile: )

He/she was probably just some kid on a power trip I suppose... Likely came & went from the community in no time flat.

So while ever the Manjaro forum doesn't have a policy of not answering questions that are already answered in the wiki, then the "double" handling (so MUCH more than double handling) of the same old questions, over & over again, will go on forever. Which is how it is going to be/stay. Inefficient - much more labor/time intensive than it needs to be, when it comes to supporting users with relevant info'.

But hey, we are just humans, & we've proven empirically that we aren't anywhere near as smart as we think we are. :wink:

Best practice for Steam with nvidia hybrid graphics is to start steam with the default built in card - simply run 'steam' in a terminal or use the application shortcut - and then select to use the discrete GPU for a specific game by right clicking it in the steam library and adding primusrun %command% to the launch options for it.

That is, more or less, the current 5b. option in the wiki page. Some(times) people get away with launching primusrun steam but it can cause problems. (The latter also has the downside of the discrete GPU taking as well the load of the steam client...)


Would that part be enough for steam usage, if I move it to Configure Graphics Card and delete Nvidia configuration?

If the relevant information is present on 'Configure Graphics Card' I see no need for a separate 'Nvidia configuration' page.

I am not sure where information about running Steam with hybrid GPU's is best placed. If it is included on the 'Configure' page please add the counterpart launch option for open-source hybrid GPU setups DRI_PRIME=1 %command%.

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Please have a look at the changed article and find my errors.

I would appreciate some overview @jonathon @bogdancovaciu @dglt .
I hope it will be my last edit in the wiki...


Looks good to me. :slight_smile: Nice job!

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all looks good to me also, maybe link to bumblebee troubleshooting for those that run into issues needing various grub/kernel parameters, or "add user to bb group" which are pretty common with bumblebee.
looks good, thanks for keeping up to date

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