Manjaro Wiki

Manjaro Wiki

The wiki needs people to maintain it, otherwise the information becomes stale and eventually incorrect.

This will become a top-level thread for wiki team activities.

How to request a wiki account

Post a request saying which page you are wanting to update in this thread:

How to request a change to a page

If you don't want to sign up for an account but have spotted an error you can post a change request with the following information:

  • URL
  • Error
  • Fix

Ideally a this should be formatted as a diff. If the change is significant and/or long please privately post to a pastebin site and link here rather than filling the thread with information which search engines will pick up.


The Wiki Change Request is a dead link. Maybe it was merged into another topic?

The correct link is in the first box of TOP.

No it isn't. The link in the second box is about something else than the first. Read again.
It's anyway a dead link, so should be removed.

Well the link goes to "wiki-account-request" so I think this is the right one. Try reading the first block of text.

Yes, that link is correct for the first section, not for the second section in that post. The second section should be removed, or the link be corrected.

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