Manjaro will no longer boot into desktop

I don't know why his is happening but when I tried rebooting my system it suddenly gave me the failed to load light display error. I tried Ctrl alt f6 and that took me to the terminal. But now I don't know how to get back to my desktop. Does anyone know why this is happening?

No clue. Did you just run updates?

Can you post the full error you're receiving.

Run journalctl -p 3 -xb and post the output.
Also inxi -Fxxxza please.

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Did some rebooting and now all I get is this15852439530766381220172890201272
Then it flashes the lightdisplay error for a spilt second before showing the starting to system message

My laptop has a bad habit of crashing when I do some test builds of for example libtorrent-rasterbar... Atleast if it as the same time uses Boinc and works on a project. I use a dynamic swap with no swap partition. The swap seems to work and scales up when needed. I though the initial issues was due to not having swap at all. But now when I created it and it seems to work it still crashes.
Yesterday. After reboots and last update working perfectly I did a test build again. Then it crashed once more.
Now I can't enter XFCE... It's setup to login automatically. Process and stuff is kicking in... I even see Teamviewer attempting to run but fails. Gray/blue empty window is what I get.
Probably some kind of corruption. But why... Did nothing that should touch core parts of the system.
Also AMD GPU but orginal open source drivers.

I'll spend some time figuring out what happened later today. Any more steps other then the commands above?

This is just a secondary scrap computer that I have for fun. I use F2FS incase that could increase loss of data during crashing and stuff (in my case force close by powerbutton).I have no problem with reinstalling it and maybe try a slightly different setup (ext4/real swap partion for example) but I there is a other way, that leads into improvements for myself or someone else I gladly try it

If this is a help request or else, please post it in a new thread. Thank you!

Hi, I repeat @10yearslate's question, were you running an update before this happened? Were you deleting any files or removing programs? With some more info it will be easier for us folks to find a fix for you.

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Since both me and thread creator can't enter desktop and both use XFCE it looked similar enough for me to be useful to discuss it here. I'm still not entirely sure of when if fails for thread creator. Maybe identical posts is prefered over discussing the same topic that already exists... I'm pretty new here

Exactly! You could always link to an existing thread if you find similiarities. Your issue might be the same as the OP's or completely different. If you want to get proper attention to yours, you could create your own thread and give as much info and details as possible to help the helpers help you.

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