Manjaro won’t boot anymore

Appreciate the link, however I can’t even make it to grub thus I can’t get into the terminal.

Additionally I only have an Architect USB drive handy so cant boot from USB either.



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Alright. Running grub now, however unfortunately none of the suggested commands work. I keep getting „can’t find command xyz“. :confused:

This is how far I can get only.




Yeah, no.

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You haven't read the linked threads correctly.

Read them again - carefully.


will boot a system even if you've lost GRUB.


will fix a system from within a chroot.


will fix a system where you can't get a graphical login.


will fix a system where you can't follow instructions.


I have read them, but how am I supposed
to do the steps mentioned under „when booted“ when I can’t get the machine to boot? The two prior grub commands don’t seem to do anything.

Reading the thread carefully would have given you the "boot" command.

If something else isn't working then you'll have to tell us what it is.

I could swear that thread has just been edited, because I don’t recall this one line which is there now. I will see if I can get it to working now.


It took me there after

grub> search.file /etc/manjaro-release root
grub> configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg

and I didn’t have a chance to grub> boot.


I’ve just gotten my hands on a live USB stick and wanted to give that second solution a shot, however:


Then show the partitioning of the ssd/hdd.


Fstab seems fine tho


We really like to see your system but I think, for you, it is best you reinstall. It's easiest for you.

But if you want, boot up a liveOS and from it, provide
contents of manjaro fstab
sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
efibootmgr -v
contents of manjaro boot

Your /boot/efi shows only 4 KB and that should be about 100 KB. Even though my link don't need a /boot/efi to boot to, I think you have more issues that you and us here have figured out.

I prefer you not to reinstall and we can see what went wrong with your system but that will be selfish of us. It will be easier for you to reinstall.

(I reckon OP did something other than shut down the laptop, e.g. format /boot/efi).

100% not. This is my work notebook which I properly shut down on Friday.

In the link, there is a section [More Complicated Setups] if [Simple First Start] fails.
From your screenshot, you did not attempt this [More Complicated Setups].
That is from [Simple First Start] and it fails because it uses the original grub.cfg.

As said, this does not need to access /boot/efi (obviously from your gparted screen shot, it is kaput).
Again a caution that [More Complicated Setups] will work only if your kernels/initrd files are intact in your /boot partition. If these files are okay, you can try to boot to prompt and using fallback so that graphics (and other graphical things ..plymouth, bootsplash..X11), kernel modules and microcode issues can be isolated.

But, I am not too confident. Your /boot/efi which normally nothing (except windows) can mess with it. It may be a disk failure or needing fsck or trim messed up your disk.
You may probably still not work it out.

Not nice, but saying as it is.

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Went with a fresh install. Thank you everybody for taking time out of their days to deal with my issues.


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