Manjaro XFCE (17.0-rc3)

any idea when this will become stable? I am still running beta 3 is it worth my changing or waiting for stable?

Will hdmi audio support for nvidia optimus be added anytime soon ?

It will be stable around the 7th of March I think. I read that somewhere.

live disk now boots for me :slight_smile:

I decided to install rc3 no issues here

I have problems installing it on my NUC7i3BNH, please see Manjaro 17.0-rc3 Installation fails

Best regards, Bernd

Just tried to install on my desktop. Calamares goes black after creating user information and proceeding with the install. Using non-free drivers on 660 Ti.

I'm assuming it's similar to the issues I reported in the KDE-rc3 thread...

with camalaras (spelling?) after setting up installation options the window goes black (just the application i mean), it is installing but i can't see what it's doing.
so it did install even though i couldn't see what it was doing but i now have no panel and the theme and options like root folder are gone, just the basic xfce stuff is left, i actually have this problem with all the xfce media's that i've tried recently. (rc3 16.10.2)

Update, i also tested it with 16.10 and 16.08 and the same thing happens.

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Mine installed ok even with Calamares' black out

Looks ready. Come on @philm final release time

its been ready since rc1 I havent had 1 ounce of trouble with it since I started with xfce

Calamares went black while installation but the insallation completed properly. No other issues.

Also, why viewnior instead of ristretto?

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I had no issues on my install once I opted to format the / partition, running like a charm here
AMD A10 6800K RX470 and SSD/Hdd

But others have.
Its important to get these First Impression issues taken care of.

There's no rush here. No reason to hurry. You want it RIGHT, even if its not Right Away.


Stupid question...

Dual monitors or a very wide screen?

dual monitors

Check the arrangement and resolution. The panel and folders may be present but hidden off screen due to resolution that does not match the screen size.

That started happening on my system because I have dual connections(DP & HDMI) but a single monitor. Correcting the res and placement of the "display" fixed it. ..., ;).


At which point does Calamares run black? I've only tested the installer in VMs and had on issues with it at all. Does a video exists from the "blackout"?

It was when the slideshow started for me.

Same, does a picture help?

something else that also might be noteworthy, if you click on the installer after it's done ( i know about how long it takes to install manjaro on my computer) you get the image back

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