Manjaro-Xfce 18.0 beta builds (testing)

But stable doesn't use this GTK3 version, so it's not there (or not as much).

This is how mouse scrolling works in Settings Manager in current Xfce version:

yes = mouse scroll enabled
no = no scroll, options hidden
n/a = no scroll, but options visible without scrolling
ext = opens external window

 style yes
 icons yes
 fonts n/a
 settings n/a
 background yes
 menus n/a
 icons n/a
 default icons yes
File Manager ext
 general n/a
 applications no
 log n/a (but 2nd outer scrollbar needed to see buttons at bottom)
 display n/a
 appearance n/a
 items yes
Preferred Applications n/a
Window Manager
 style:theme yes
 keyboard yes
 focus n/a
 advanced n/a
Window Manager Tweaks n/a
Workspaces n/a
Xfce Terminal ext
Display n/a
 behavior n/a
 application shortcuts yes
 layout n/a
Mouse and keyboard n/a
Power Manager n/a
Removable drives and media n/a
Accessibility n/a
Add/Remove Software ext
Firewall ext
LightDM GTK+ Greeter
 appearance n/a
 panel n/a
 window position n/a
 misc n/a
Manjaro Notifier Settings ext
Manjaro Settings Manager ext
MIME ext
Session and Startup
 general n/a
 splash n/a
 application autostart yes
 session yes
 advanced n/a
Software Update ext
Bluetooth Adapters (no open but i have no bluetooth)
Settings Editor yes

Summary: In the current Xfce version, the only Settings Manager menus that has a scroll problem (usability not function) is Notifications:Applications and Notifications:Log.

The separator has a style option, you can make it visible or transparent. It works in this beta but doesn't seem to work in current xfce version. Same for the Windows Buttons handle.

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Yes, this error has appeared in the Whisker menu of the stable install for a while. I'm not sure when it first appeared, but it was certainly before this week's stable update. I agree with you that it shouldn't appear in the new iso.

The xfce4-gtk3 pkgs are on stable, they are just not installed by default like in the iso.
Didn't remember to try the mouse wheel problem in my build.

I'm sure all those packages in stable has some value to someone. But I feel 1- the most polished and 2- the most compatible package should be used to build the flagship ISO. And in my short testing, I don't feel xfce-gtk3 meets these requirements. But I've only used it for an hour or so, so I could be wrong (I hope I'm wrong).

Key bindings for Whisker menu

In this beta, xfce4-popup-whiskermenu is bound explicitly to both Super keys, Super_L and Super_R. Unfortunately, as a consequence, key bindings like the following are not possible:

exo-open --launch WebBrowser
exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator
exo-open --launch FileManager
exo-open --launch MailReader
"Show Desktop" action in Window Manager

If the user configures any of the key bindings above, the key combination runs the specified command, but it also continues to open (and close) the Whisker menu.

Here's how to overcome this limitation:

  1. Remove both the Super_L and Super_R key bindings.

  2. Instead, bind xfce4-popup-whiskermenu to Alt+F1.

  3. Install xcape from the Manjaro Community repo.

  4. Run this command at startup:

xcape -e 'Super_L=Alt_L|F1;Super_R=Alt_L|F1'

This command maps the left and right Super keys to Alt+F1, which we have configured to open (and close) the Whisker menu. So when pressed by themselves, the left and right Super keys also open (and close) the Whisker menu.

Most importantly, the user now has the ability to bind any command or Window Manager action to a Super key combination. In particular, all of the key bindings I cited above work as they should.

Edit: My original post claimed that Xfce automatically maps the left Super key to Alt+F1. In fact, Xfce provides no such automatic mapping of keys. Therefore, I have edited the xcape command above so that it maps both the left and right Super keys to Alt+F1.

Be careful when testing this functionality in a virtual machine. I have found that the host's configuration of xcape continues to capture keystrokes, even as we press keys in the virtual machine. You should disable xcape on the host before you test xcape in the virtual machine. Better yet, if you can, test on real hardware.


Finally, I have downloaded the beta iso. I have used the compact adapta theme on my laptop, but now it looks some more pretty (except for big controls). New backgrounds are awesome! But old icons were better that new, imho. Here are some suggestions, generally about look-and-feel:

  1. What about adding xfce4-keyboard-switcher by default on system with non-english locale? And to add default keyboard shortcut to switch layout (Alt+Shift, Win+Space, Caps Lock or something else). And the best thing you can do in this scope is to set english layout by default.
    Also, is there a way for me to help you with russian localization?

  2. As many others have noticed, the default theme has very big unneseccary spacing (especially vertical) between window elements, vertex-maia was much more compact. Long dropdown menus need to be scrolled for longer time, window contains less useful information, especially on a laptop. Unvisible edges of the buttons even makes one doubt is this a button or just text. Top panel in pamac now is absolutely useless. Some months ago there were buttons that now are in left side, I think it was much more handy and cute.

  3. Thin green line under the active window is not enough for me to navigate comfortably. It is not visible at all with wrong monitor calibration. I think this was made for the gnome-like panels at the top and suggest to move these lines to the top as in Firefox and maybe mark active options with more bright colour like in original adapta. Or maybe switch bold font in panel's window titles to regular.

  4. Same thing with whisker menu cathegories - it's hard to determine which is (or will be) selected - that is under the line or above it?

  5. All the power management icons are too small and not so pretty as before. I have set there a single shutdown button for my mom, it will be much harder for her to use the new icon (thanks it is not monochrome).

Thank you team for the work you made. Hope the release will be great!


Looking good fellas. Keep up all of your great work!


While this is good for most gtk3 apps in xfce, I think it would be desirable to have CSD in Firefox.

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I'm considering taking this build for a spin and see if I might switch back to Xfce on my work laptop.

Work laptop? Perfect place for... Xfce. :vulcan_salute:

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These are known issues.

@oberon @philm Because of my vision problems(challenges), I reworked the xfwm4 xfce theme by adding a new, revised window border. The theme remains dark but because of the modified Stylish-Dark border I added , it is now much easier (for me) to differentiate multiple windows and also Window border control selection choices. I am happy to send you my hacked up work, if you are interested. It is by no means anywhere near ready for use by anyone but me (and maybe my wife). ;^)

@oberon I don't know about others, but I am seeing some minor screen tearing on the newest beta release. I can repeat it 100% of the time when playing Mahjonng (tiles tear every once and a while). I, also, get larger screen tears in the top 30% of my screen on Login some 10% of the time.

EDIT: I just changed my install to use Compton rather than xfwm... Mahjonng still has the minor image tearing. I suspect it must be a problem with the application not xfce.

Yes please! I also hate it about flat themes that you cannot distinguish the edges.

@oberon Here's the window border 'hack'.

System tray

In this beta release, the Clipman icon in the system tray doesn't display a tooltip when I hover my mouse over the icon. (The Clipman icon in my non-beta Manjaro Xfce installation does display a tooltip.)

When I first installed this beta, there was a large (perhaps overly large) Manjaro logo in the system tray. I hovered my mouse over this icon and saw no tooltip. I (left-)clicked the icon and nothing happened. Finally, I right-clicked the icon and saw some options, but I've forgotten now what they were. Upon rebooting this beta several times, I have never again seen this icon. What is/was the purpose of this icon? If the purpose is/was to notify me of updates, the icon didn't appear before the latest updates.

Clipman doesn't show a tooltip for me on 17.1.10 Xfce testing. ???

The Manjaro logo in the systray was the Manjaro Notifier for kernel updates.

Decided to do a clean install of XFCE 10.0 2nd beta, fully replacing a previous current stable XFCE that was running flawlessly.

I'm experiencing full screen (except for the cursor) lockups consistantly after about 10-15 minutes of general system use. A hard shutdown is required.

Ironically, if I hit ctrl h...the screen frees from lockup.

If I can offer logs, please let me know which ones you require.


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