Manjaro XFCE 19.0 Preview 3 (stable branch)

I am happy to announce our 3rd preview build of the upcoming Manjaro-XFCE 19.0 Kyria release.
This is the first full build on stable branch.

Highlights of this release:

  • linux55 Kernel
  • Pamac 9.3
  • XFCE 4.14.2
  • Nvidia 440 incl. Prime-Support
  • latest Calamares installer
  • Xorg-Server 1.20.7
  • Mesa 19.3.2

Thank you as always for your feedback and contributions!

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Awesome! Was waiting for this one! Gonna install it right now! :smile:

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So I know what to do this afternoon :grin:


Nice to see a Dark Mode on XFCE :+1:

Calamares still fails to install a bootloader for me with this preview.......

@philm Hum, why is there two archive manager? (File roller and Engrampa).

I mean, either one of them does the job just fine, but having both is pretty useless.

(I reported this issue two months ago on Gitlab:


Check your BIOS to see if CMS or Legacy Mode is on, if CMS is enabled, disable it :smile:

EDIT1: I had the same problem, and someone told me the same thing and it corrected itself after the change in BIOS.

EDIT2: Check this thread :smile:

Which boot mode do you have? CMS or EFI? Also you may try to start calamares via sudo -E calamares -d and post the full install log. Save it in pastebin or so before rebooting.

Gotta try that when its not middle of the night, maybe tomorrow when im not bored.
Im waiting for a technician again (3rd appointment now.....) cuz were getting a separate internet line now.....

gotta try a few things out.



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Does the prime support include amd/nvidia or only intel/nvidia?

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  1. In the first screenshot, change the "Secure Boot Mode" from "Standard" to "Disabled". You will still be able to boot into Windows if the secure boot is disabled.

  2. The second screenshot, everything looks good.

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I can only set standard and custom in that menu for secure boot.

Calamares is very buggy: I cannot install this ISO in UEFI using automated partition mode.


Title translation?

The installation failed

The installer could not create the partition on the 'ATA VBOX HARDDISK' disk.

Launched gparted right after. You can see only esp partition and ext4 one.



When can you expect a full release of Kyria XFCE?


When it's ready. If you already have Manjaro xfce, you can just install the regular updates to get the new version.


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