Manjaro XFCE desktop icon space change

Good time of the day to everyone, I'd like to know if there's a way to change the size of space between desktop icons like it's in Linux Mint desktop settings. Anything would be ok, either it's an app or a tweak. Thank you in advance.


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I do not know a precise answer, but this old thread about XFCE-desktop suggests that there should be a file, where cell spacing and cell padding can be overriden:

settings in GTK3 (~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css):

* {
-XfdesktopIconView-cell-spacing: 2px;
-XfdesktopIconView-cell-padding: 2px;
-XfdesktopIconView-text-width-proportion: 1.7;

Thank you, but I've already checked that and I wish there was a safer and a more relevant solution.

A quick search tells me that @MountainBehindTheFor is right; that is the way to change the icon spacing.

Here's a link to lots of XFCE-related info from MX Linux:

And here's the code snippet in ~/.config/gtk.css they list for the purpose:

#Change size of desktop icon grid to adjust icon spacing
* {

Just checked this. This won't work.

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