Manjaro XFCE download link for 19.0.2 is not working

Hello, I am having problems downloading the newest version of Manjaro from the links on the official download page

Both links (the direct download and the torrent) are hosted on OSDN and both are showing the following error: "Your requested resource is not found":

How should I proceed?

Thanks for your attention.

Try it from:

But why not the latest iso >> 20.0?

I was actually trying to download the latest one, this link you sent me worked thanks.

But I tried investigating why the link I found pointed to 19.0.2 and here what I found:

I just experimented navigating to the download page through the website and the link there pointed to 20.0 and it worked.

The problem arised when I tried to find the download page by searching download manjaro on google, and clicking on the XFCE link that appeared. It showed this page:

And it seems this page is either not meant to be used anymore or the links on it should be updated.

Anyway thanks for helping me =]

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I just experienced the same problem. I knew 20.x been released but could only see downloads for 19.x on the site.

I think there have been a bit of browser / CDN caching problem where the page did not get updated as it should have been. A hard reload of the page did update it and now showing 20.x downloads but the page it pointed to ( also had it's links to the 19.x version. After hard reloading that as well, it now points to the correct download.

It's a common problem with caches and they not being invalidated.

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