Manjaro xfce dual boot windows 10 installation problem

My problem is as follows: I wanted to install Manjaro xfce on a second hard drive as a dual boot with windows 10. During the installation everything went well. However, I got the attached error message towards the end. Please help quickly.Error

Looks like you have installed in uefi to a msdos disk or not made a /boot/efi partition for it.
You can still try to boot into the installed OS using this topic and print out output in [If further help needed] section and let's check if you can do without reinstalling. But as it is now, looks like you will need to reinstall in bios-legacy or hopefully, if in gpt disk, just make a /boot/efi entry in fstab and some commands to rectify it.

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I have already created a /boot/efi partition with 10GB but it still does not work and this error message is displayed.

10 GB?

Anyway, at that link, there is list of output required in [If further help required]. Print that out.

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Thank you, but that has not yet solved my problem.



What i have found to be the simplest way to avoid trouble . If you use 2 hard disks , install 1st os and fully update it. Disable that hdd then install second OS and fully update it . Hook both hard drives up and on inital boot select f9 or your computers command for boot options and select what hdd you want to boot from. Each drive will have their own boot loader and OS .

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Like @gohlip writes, it looks like the partition tables on the drives are wrong.
Start a live session from an USB, then sudo parted -l. What does it say?

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