[Manjaro XFCE] [HP laptop] [UEFI] After updating the BIOS, Manjaro grub-bootloader vanished

After I updated my BIOS, the Manjaro bootloader "vanished". I can still "access" it by booting from the EFI file (my directory is /EFI/Manjaro/grubx64.efi), but after that I don't know what to do. I can't even able a new bios boot entry (the above mentioned EFI file).
On BIOS settings (F10) and then Bootloader there's only Windows 10 option, whereas before there was Manjaro, too.

Boot it up (your way is fine). At terminal do the 2 [UEFI - Additional Commands] at that link.


Well, duh.. You'll need to re-add it.

Thanks! That worked flawlessly. After that I just had to re-adjust the (Manjaro and Windows') bootloaders' order.

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