Manjaro XFCE: LightDM with .xinitrc or using .xsession?

So I'm still trying to set up my DE such that upon logging in things like the graphics settings, basic colour management etc. are working. Done some more reading and digging around since posting yesterday. Things feel a little more confusing now...

I realise Manjaro is NOT Arch but there is a ton of documentation on the Arch site, and the bits I find on Manjaro are sometimes sketchy and in this case confusing. I read a "how to" on this forum here explaining how to make nvidia-settings persistent, telling me to add a line to my ~/.xinitrc file to load the nvidia settings. I had also added a line to it for xcalib to load my monitor colour profile.

But upon reading further, it appears that LightDM - which I must add is the Login manager installed by default and I saw no reason to change - does NOT read .xinitrc but in fact reads .xsession. My local .xsession file contains nothing meaningful.

Further reading on Arch suggests either a) creating a symlink to .xinitrc from .xsession, thus causing LightDM to load the settings in .xinitrc or b) copying the contents of .xinitrc directly into .xsession.

Is any of this correct? Does LightDM not use .xinitrc at all (would explain why I can't get this to work)?

Apart from adding the two lines at the bottom of my .xinitrc it is 'as installed' but even so looks NOTHING like the sample of a default .xinitrc file posted elsewhere in this forum.

This is quite confusing. All I am trying to achieve, since I have a single DE and use auto-login because I always log into the same session/DE, is to have the DE booted up with a couple of (my) extra parameters in it.

If there's an even quicker or more direct way of doing this e.g. editing xstart or something, I'd be perfectly happy to do that. Furthermore, I would obviously like to ensure that my local session files are as minimal as possible and that I'm not loading more than necessary.

Any suggestions please?

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