Manjaro + XFCE + Pinebook Pro - State of suspend?

What's the current state of suspend? Last mentions lid close triggers not working? Any solutions to this yet?

My lsb_release -a reads Manjaro 20.05. The sleep mode still uses 's2idle', a fully charged PBP barely makes it through the night. Right now I'm shutting down the machine since it's very fast to boot.


Are you using xfce or kde-plasma?

I tested it last night and closing the lid puts it to suspend correctly.

Are you using xfce or kde-plasma?

I'm using i3.

I tested it last night and closing the lid puts it to suspend correctly.

It senses the lid close and then goes to sleep. My problem is the s2idle sleep, it consumes too much power.

Here's my log:

May 20 23:20:38 pine systemd-logind[867]: Lid closed.
May 20 23:20:38 pine systemd-logind[867]: Suspending...
May 20 23:20:38 pine root[24869]: LID closed
May 20 23:20:38 pine NetworkManager[861]: <info>  [1590013238.4120] manager: sleep: sleep requested (sleeping: no  enabled: yes)
May 20 23:20:38 pine NetworkManager[861]: <info>  [1590013238.4125] device (p2p-dev-wlan0): state change: disconnected -> unmanaged (reason 'sleeping', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
May 20 23:20:38 pine NetworkManager[861]: <info>  [1590013238.4174] manager: NetworkManager state is now ASLEEP
May 20 23:20:38 pine systemd[1]: Reached target Sleep.
May 20 23:20:38 pine systemd[1]: Starting Suspend...
May 20 23:20:39 pine systemd-sleep[24870]: Suspending system...
May 20 23:20:39 pine kernel: PM: suspend entry (s2idle)

If I make SuspendState=mem in /etc/systemd/sleep.conf the system goes to sleep but then will not wake up (I have to press the power button for a few seconds and then it will boot).

Does suspend work more than once now? Last time I checked it appeared to work correctly once, and then wouldn't trigger again. So now I just power off each night instead of sleep. kde-plasma, stable branch AFAIK.

Yes. Deep Sleep mode is not yet implemented in the Trusted Firmware - ARM we use in our uboot on the Pinebook Pro.

Will deep sleep be possible in the future?

Probably when Trusted Firmwire implements it. :slight_smile:

But I am not into TF-A that much, so I don't really know how hard it is to do.

So there's hope!
Thank you.

If you install uboot-pinebookpro-bsp and flash it, you can use mem sleep and save more power. The only issue I have with it is that sound doesn't work after resume.

I don't know if the same for 20.04,, but I just woke up 19.12, didn't bother charging
Unused, 6-7%/d,,, had to grep suspend,, suspend 3
Works fine, not real speedy,, ~10s (not sure about audio)
This is with the 2 edits, so long ago I forget

I should have mentioned that the latest uboot-pinebookpro-bsp package is from before the Manjaro ARM team switched the partition layout, so if you switch to this uboot from 20.04 and maybe other images, you need to do this before reboot or your next boot won't make it past uboot. Even though you may be on a recent image and don't think those instructions apply, they do because the uboot-bsp is from an older image.

I've tried doing this without success (must have take a wrong turn somewhere). And since I'm a noob concerning Manjaro and ARM I think I'll wait a bit before trying again... Thank you anyway.

I'm using the latest Manjaro 20.04 image (flashed fresh) and can get suspend to work as long as I use mrfixit's uboot, which I believe is the same as the bsp uboot mentioned above. But I too have the same issue as damon - after sleep, I don't have audio anymore. No amount of restarting pulseaudio fixes it. So it isn't really useful to sleep like this...

Maybe also worth mentioning that I have an NVME drive installed in my PBP and this prevents the machine going to sleep. When you try and put it to sleep, it sleeps for 6s and then wakes again. I think it is because the PCIe driver does not suspend correctly.

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Hey, I have exactly the same problem: NVMe drive installed in PBP, sleep doesn't work with Manjaro KDE (latest version).

Anyone has a solution?

Here the same problem and no solution until now

It is hard to achieve suspend with NVMe most likely we have to wait from rockchip to provide something that can make this work.

There is some work to be done on uboot as well as kernel side.

As said currently there is no solution for this.

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