Manjaro xfce update to 17.00 not possible (32bits on 1,4GHz)

Yes, I can't update to latest Manjaro xfce via normal update offered by the system. I could download only about 60% of the files. Next massage comes like ' file allready exists' (if I remember well). It really exists there, why not?
What shoudl I do?

Look here:

I think you have to remove the file and can later re-install it if needed.

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Thanx Laza
I tried to remove the file but it is locked. How to unlock it?

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My apology if this is too basic and you have tried this already. Since file is in system folder you need sudo (administrative rights) to remove it.

If you tried with sudo, and you still can't remove it then installer must have a hold on it would be my guess. In that case I would restart computer and after restart try to rename/remove it with sudo

Thx AlManja
I need basics! Does it mean I need to type in terminal something like 'sudo apt get remove' or with full path, or anything else?

Hallo Ren,
sudo mv /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ /usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/

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Thx Gosia
It worked fine! Manjaro 17 is on board.

Sorry I just saw your question, I should post details in my first post!
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Btw, look at the command that @gosia posted. In case you need quick translation:

sudo <- you invoke administrative rights so you can do some system tasks
mv <- this is command to move file from one destination to another
/usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ <- this is where the offending file is
/usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/ <- where you want to move file.

But look! Starting and ending destinations are the same!


They are exactly the same! But file name changed from original:


What this command does is, it essentially renames the file. He choose .bac to remind you this is a backup.

If you have a minute, just for getting some feeling about this, open thunar (graphical file manager in Xfce) and browse, click to the location where this file is:

First click on "File System" then double click on "usr" folder, then lib, then "xorg", "modules" and finally double click on "extensions"

Now you should see the offending file: ""

You could now right-click on empty space around that file inside Thunar and from menu you can choose "Terminal"

You could now use this command for renaming the file:

sudo mv

You see, since you navigated into the place where file is, all you need now is to rename it without typing long path to it. Useful if you are not good with the terminal commands and you don't mind to make few clicks with the mouse to avoid typing long commands...

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Thank you all.
Have you any idea why this file got there and made the upgrading impossible?

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