Manjaro XFCE v18.0 3rd Beta-Build [testing]

After over one month of development, it seemed to be useful to provide yet another testbuild.

Here is manjaro-xfce 18.0-beta-3. This time you get a full profile where you will also be able to test the default software and see a beautiful (preliminary) selection of new backgrounds in the new manjaro-wallpapers-18.0 package.

The ISO uses testing branch and incorporates quite a lot of small recent adjustments and improvements.

With this build we have:

  • updated adapta-maia-themes with the new customized Manjaro-style whiskermenu
  • added the latest Pamac
  • improved our install Calamares
  • renewed most of the XFCE packages

As mentioned before, 18.0-beta uses the latest xfce-gtk3 packages, Adapta-Maia gtk-theme and Papirus-Maia icons, Calamares(-git) 3.2.0.r4760.5f78d4977.


The current kernel is linux 4.16.17.

I think this preview is already looking really promising! Looking forward to a cracking 18.0 release!

Please keep testing. Your feedback and contributions are much appreciated.
If you are happy to make test instals on real hardware this will be especially interesting for the preparation of our release candidates in the next few weeks.

direct download | torrent
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I performed an update this am and yesterday with pacUI, no problems noted, thus far. Update went smoothly.

Is manjaro-xfce 18.0-beta-3 iso built with option pxe_boot = true?

What about KDE?

Apparently not. Unable to pxe boot since xfce 16. I have limited hardware resources for beta besting. A diskless boot support in xfce 18 beta 3 would come in handy.

This is great. I can see GRUB live boot menu now :grin:.
I'm testing it an hour or so and it's working great and looks beautiful. Haven't seen any bugs just some minor glitches.
Mouse scroll not working in any settings manager sub menu (eg. Appearance/Icons), have to click on srollbar and move up and down.
Also there are some inconsistencies in qt5 theming like this:


Fixed when i changed style to gtk2 in qt5ct.

If i find any other glitch or bug i'll let you know.

Edit: galculator-gtk2 :smirk: :grin:

Testing right now in a VirtualBox machine. Big aesthetic bug I found. @philm talked about new wallpapers, but there are not directly listed in background management tool.

You have to open /usr/share/backgrounds/manjaro-wallpapers-18.0 to have access to all wallpapers.

Default wallpaper choice:


And after some tweaking :slight_smile:

Full wallpaper choice after setting /usr/share/backgrounds/manjaro-wallpapers-18.0 directory as default:


Annoying, isn't it?

Only big bug I found so far :smiley:

All well and good, but important for me / us would be your "tweaking". :smiley: :wink:

And big is always relative .

It will be simpler to get all wallpapers without tweaking wallpapers path in setting tool.

If it's that secret, don't.

If i do a fresh install the beta, when the stable is released i have to do anything else to become stable?

@philm Manjaro 18 Xfce-gtk3 it's really fantastic!
Is it possible to add microsoft onedrive online? Thx

Really??? Microsoft OneDrive???

29 posts were split to a new topic: Microsoft Office Online installed by default ?!?

You can install ICE-SBB from AUR and do it yourself.... :wink:

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Installed on my laptop with dual monitors and no bugs to report yet, looks excellent and appreciate the additions of Gcolor2 & notifications dnd.

xfce4-terminal still needs this fix to be able to select xos4 terminus fonts in appearance

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my current installation of xfce on my acer laptop is quit old and i saw that after a software update the autostart of powertop and tlp is no happening.

i have to do every time after i unplug my laptop from power cord.
i wish and think that this would be fixed on this version release.

Note: i don't know what version of manjaro-xfce i am on now and i don't have spear hardware to test that issue.

and i want to know is there any work or improvements in networking??

What is up with the kernel choice? Last time i saw discussion here about the problems of manjaro using new hardware it was said that manjaro will stay with LTS kernels for releases.

I'm glad to see 4.16 series becaue this would make 18.0 the first manjaro release that can be used with new vegas and most r9 390 cards.

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I'm very glad the new release is using the 4.16 kernel, even if it isn't LTS. It makes it a heck of a lot more simple to install Manjaro on a system with hardware only supported by kernel 4.15+, like the AMD Vega series (as you mentioned).

Before this beta, I had to use an NVidia graphics card to install Manjaro version 17, upgrade the kernel, then switch the graphics card and install the correct driver via tty. Not very new-user friendly.

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