First info: my terminal emulator is termite

During my development cycles of pacman-mirrors I noted an oddity.

Every time I want to issue a warning-info message I use the ansi code \033[1;33m but it has been bugging me it writes in green instead of yellow.

I suspect it has something to do with the manjaro-zsh-config which do something weird with the terminal so I was looking into .zshrc to find a clue. That lead me to the scripts/base16-shell bolder. That folder contains a convenient colortest

Please note that color02 color03 color10 color11 prints almost the same color and the supposedly yellow is not yellow at all.


Hmm... Are you saying that you would like yellow to be yellow?

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History: I wanted to add another shade of green for maia theme, but also keep normal green. Yellow is my least favorite color, so I replaced yellow. In hindsight, cyan would have been the better candidate for replacement.

I remember having this color problem in my xfce4-terminal that uses manjaro-zsh-config. Thankfully I solved the problem by defining the color in my terminal settings.

Maybe you can try defining the colours in your terminal settings and see if it's fix your issues?


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Yellow should probably be yellow-ish (or it's not yellow any more). :slight_smile:

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