Manjaro32 got removed from our Mirrors

Is this project/initiative going to work?
It has been active since November 2017, so in the short term, yes. As for the long term... ?

Well since it was maintained by Jonathon alone, please cut him some slack here and leave it be. He carried on supporting 32-bit machines for a while out of kindness and not neccessity.


That's not the issue. I am fully aware of the slow extinction of 32bit machines. It is ok when you drop 32bit support again. You bundle your powers.

But you announce it and remove it from the repos at the very same time.

I acknowledged Jonathon's work in almost every post of mine and I am fully aware of the lack of neccessity of maintainining any distro.

Besides, Manjaro is a great distro and it is evolving very nicely (Pinebook)

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It's easy to be critical of others I guess. It's not harsh, their systems won't suddenly stop working due to a lack of new packages on remote servers. They can still transition to any other distribution that supports 32-bit hardware at their leisure.

As for instructions, feel free to contribute some. I'm sure if someone needs help they can ask on archlinux32 forums though :slight_smile:

Maybe you guys shsh a little and wait which announcements will come. What did my first point say? We are working on a separate infrastructure...

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I am not writing to get answers I already know :wink:
(I continue living even if the fridge is empty and I know the way to the next store)

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Gave you a weeks heads up: Dropping 32-bit support - Again ?!?

And first sign that it was not being maintained anymore was way back in November. Manjaro32 hibernating

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Don't worry, I was not going to carry on anyway. You've just given me more reason to not bother giving a crap about FUD typed about manjaro by other people than ever before.

Yeah and you also said IF you can find a team to carry on. No wonder people are jumpy when you post speculative stuff like that. Don't get shirty when people reply in a similar vein.

< sarcasm> Maybe you should work in the diplomatic corp < /sarcasm>

Ungrateful %^&*()

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As I already said Manjaro is a great distro. I had been a happy user of the 32bit branch and just a bit disappointed not being able to go on this way, that's all

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Thank you very much for that!


I want to help. I have no experience, but I know the basics and I'm a fast learner. I'm with a bit more free time now, it's about time to get more involved. Count me in.


I am a everyday user of my 32 bit laptop. It works already from 2006 and nevertheless, it is in pretty good shape - battery works at least 4 hours and SSD gives a good performance boost. I am doing with it all my office works and web surfing. Also I love its 4:3 screen which allows me better to read documents and books, specially in book-view mode. Just watched with it two movies on Youtube.

I think, this is how most of people uses their computers anyway. Its not a worth to throw off my 32-bit one and buy 64-bit one and use it same way without any radical differences. Unneccessary hassle. When telling abut software development, the older computers fits better for software testing and optimizing purposes.

So anyway I will continue to use my current 32-bit oldie. When talking now about Manjaro32, then I agree to dispose it. Nowadays 32-bit computers are so rare, that I think it is better to have only few, but good 32-bit distros, rather that waste resources to many different of them. We already have Archlinux32, so i dont see any reasons to maintain Manjaro32 in parallel. Of course, if someone will pick up and continue maintaining it, I gladly would keep using Manjaro32.


I still have a 32 bit laptop that I use on a regular basis and I am very grateful to @jonathon for maintaining Manjaro32 for so long.

I also have a working copy of Archlinux32 (Pentium 4) installed in a separate partition on it and it was not as hard to install as I thought it would be. I found reading [HowTo] Install Manjaro using CLI only alongside the Arch install instructions was helpful.

I do prefer Manjaro32 and if a "separate infrastructure" is created I will use it.


I really hope you will find a solution to keep @jonathon 's work of three years alive.

Thank you in advance


Speaking of separate infrastructure.. Why simply not "freeloading" on archlinux32 if active maintenance is too burdensome?
The manjarox32 ISO will just be a nice GUI installer with good defaults and profit.


Isn't archlinux32 having lots of issues with 32bit support aswell?

It is really a wonder that a 14 year old hardware still works and gets the job done. Web Surfing, Watching Movies, not only that I can also use it to digital paint ( MyPaint ). Just Imagine 32-bit hardware at this age still capable of doing all these things. (Credit: Marjaro32 / Arch32)

Most people are already on 64 bit ship but there is sense of amazement/attachment :hugs: to be that 32 bit user and say " Just look my at my 14 year old OG retro beast it is still updated and it works just fine :smile: ."


I don’t see why they’d be having issues as Debian 32bit works perfectly fine, even on Sid (unstable) branch which is as close to a rolling distro Debian can get. I say this only to state 32bit should be working fine, not to compare between Debian and Arch32.

I guess if they are having issues it could be related to man/woman power as they are a relatively small team. Debian has a huge team in comparison.



Yes is good idea to remove old arch.
32bit now is pretty hard to use / upgrade correctly have many issues.

I had seen the writing on the wall when the pentium-4 updates were uploaded to the mirrors and that is when I started doing manual updates from arch. Thanks to @jonathon for his good work and for his more or less solo contribution. Despite, expecting a change I did not anticipate that all mirrors would be taken down making it difficult to do maintenance work on the system and so am a bit disappointed with myself for not acting on my hunch. I have tried to add archlinux32 mirrors but it has not yet worked for me. Suggestions on how to do this are welcome.In the meanwhile, I am dual booting with MX-Linux which works fine but is not as versatile as Manjaro. If a mirror is kept open even without updates it is possible to keep using the structure of Manjaro and feeling that we are still with Manjaro even though it has had to move on. I can surely spare time to work with a team though may need help at times due to limited skills. I think we should find a way not to abandon the good work of @jonathon & keep Manjaro as a "Go-To" destination going. Thanks

It was just the information that @jonathon couldn't go on, not that manjaro32 will never be maintained anymore.

Only if you are always on the forum and not just watching, whether there are news which are tagged manjaro32. So for me, there had been no week.

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