Manjaro32 unstable/testing/stable problems with xorgproto (2019.2-2.0)

I am currently needing to ignore the update to 'xorgproto' (2019.2-2.0) in manjaro32 unstable as it is causing the following problems:

  • Desktop wallpapers and icons are not displayed
  • Window title bars are missing
  • Window menus not working (ie cannot do File -> Close)
  • If I run 'xrandr' to change my monitor settings, I loose 'panel 0' from my desktop but my wallpapers and icons appear!

[Edit 1] This is still an issue after today's updates 2020-1-13. I needed to to do the following to get my system working again:

  1. downgrade xorgproto to 2019.2-1
  2. install libxpresent 1.0.0+2+gdd6771c-1

I confirm this issue also in the Stable branch after today's update.

Please check

In my case I had to do:

sudo pacman -Rdd libxpresent && sudo pacman -Syu

Thanks for the reply.

I forgot to mention that in the original post. That allows you to install the new version of 'xorgproto' but that is when the problems start.

I have just retried in unstable/testing/stable and I still experience the same problems and have to downgrade as above.

I have a separate partion with Archlinux32 on it and the update works fine on there even if I share a userid and home folder between Archlinus32 and Manjaro32

Reinstalled xfce4 and the problem has now been resolved. (currently using testing repositories)

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