ManjaroWish Gnome-Gaming edition

Here is the ManjaroWish Gaming edition with Gnome
Easy to install and use.
no fear of using rolling release.
no fear of system breaking becase of bad upgrades.
catered around performance only.


  • LINUX54
  • nvidia 440 driver used when choosing nonfree in grub
  • out of box support for snaps flatpaks with bauh
  • BTRFS as default fs with zstd compression
  • no fear of system breaking from bad upgrades.
  • Automatic Snapshots before pacman upgrades using timeshift. if some bad upgrade caused system to be unusable, you can boot into the snapshots from grub. and restore the snapshot with timeshift in seconds. and have working system.
  • Plymouth as bootsplash
  • centered around only performance
  • wine with all opt deps, winetricks q4wine
  • Emulators : Retroarch with all cores, YUZU, PPSSPP, PCSXR,PCSX2, RPCS3, dosbox
  • Game managers : gamehub, steam, itch, lutris
  • Gamepad Controller support out of box : xbox360 controller using xboxdrv,xbox one controller xpadneo dkms driver, xbox360 generic controllers
  • antimicro to map keyboard keys to gamepad
  • CORECTRL- to manage amd hardware
  • GWE - to manage nvidia hardware
  • virtualbox for virtual machines
  • firefox with additional extensions to provide more privacy and less anoyance
  • firewalld as firewall
  • gnome-shell-performance
  • mutter-performance
    and many more things

logo and wallpapers thanks to @SGS


size 3.2 gb

live iso
username - manjarowish
password - manjarowish


It should work for an AMD/Intel GPU anyway, i guess !?
("nvidia 440 driver only" as it was meant to point the specific version driver for Nvidia users)

Aside from that, are you working on a future updates coming for the KDE version of your ManjaroWish builds? (.iso /iso-profiles)

Keep up the good work.
Thank you.

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yes it will work on amd intel systems
and yes i have only included nvidia 440
driver on the iso.
but its for only when one chooses nonfree.

kde is next on the list.
same for
pantheon edition



Download PNG 1920x1080 px

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how do you make a manjaro spin pls?

doesnt work for me with latest



git clone

then Change the profiles by changing packages-desktop file and profile.


buildiso -f -p gnome -b unstable -k linux54 

you can check the changes i made

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how? can i do that?

read the manjaro wiki
and its all trial and error

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How does that work, exactly? :thinking:

Ah ok thanks a lot

btrfs snapshots before pacman upgrades.
we keep three snapshots maximum.
so if a bad update makes system unbootable.
like bad systemd update.
we can just rollback to the time before upgrade.
by booting into snapshot from grub menu.
and restoring the snapshot by opening timeshift and select the snapshot to restore and click restore then rebpot.
here we dont need a live usb to do timeshift restore.

and as btrfs snapshots dont consume much space at all.
we dont need to worry about space.
so we are safe from bad updates.
if some bad update do break system
we just rollback and wait until problem is fixed
then update again

although it is not full proof like an backup on external drive but thats something user has to do
we should just make sure user dont suffer because of bad updates.

i do think manjaro should make this default.
but again its @philm 's decision

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Thanks for the thorough explanation.

Great idea, that's what Linux Mint does; however, like most distros, they use ext4.

Nothing is foolproof, unfortunately. Look at all the ridiculous warning labels on everything that should be common sense.

Well, since switching the filesystem from ext4 to btrfs probably isn't in the plans anytime soon, maybe suggest a similar (however not as efficient, I suppose) hook for use with ext4?

the problem with ext4 is for backup we use rsync
so we need a dedicated backup location for

and its not space and time efficient.
thats why i use btrfs.

but yes it can be done.
and is possible to implement.
we should just make partition scheme change

/boot/efi fat32 300mb
/boot ext4 500mb
/ - ext4 15-64 gb 40% size
backup partition
/var/backup? -ext4 15-64 gb ?????
/home - ext4 remaining all space 100% size

its possible to have this done though
calamares partition module.
so anyone who choose
erase entire disk
install alongside
replace partition
will have this scheme applied

we can use timeshift-autosnap with some changes so it will backup the / to
before pacman upgrade
and its easy to do

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kinda cool project. Waiting for KDE tho... Dont like Gnome.

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Agree 100%. I was about to install Librewish's KDE Gaming edition, but noticed it used btrfs. I am not ready. It is too soon! Please allow the option for ext4.

well you can always use ext4 while installing
just remove grub-btrfs after install.
and set timeshift to use rsync.

but anyway using btrfs is still better.
as i have disabled all power saving features.
so that there wont be any fs corruption.
as from what i can tell.
all those who experienced corruption were using power saving.


Thanks MW.

Giving it a shot!



it is something i have to announce regarding manjarowish future.

from now on im abandoning manjarowish .
all the manjarowish spins wont have new iso from now onwards.


i have moved on and created Garuda Linux

which is based directly on arch linux and uses arch repo

the reason is manjaro branches i just dont like the structure at all.

i also have modified mhwd and manjaro-settings-manager

and made mhwd-garuda , mhwd-db-garuda and garuda-settings-manager
it works with arch repo
and uses nvidia-dkms instead of kernel modules
and garuda-settings-manager displays all kernels available and not just with format linux44 linux49 etc

so in short garuda linux is arch based and has most of manjaro goodies

without mess of branches and delays.

this distro also eliminates any need for stable and what ever branch as we use btrfs
so even if bad updates break things you are safe and you can have working system in seconds.
and it contains all the tweaks of manjarowish




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