ManjaroWish:lxqt-kwin Edition

Its easy on laptop to reinsert ram as all you have to do is remove the back cover and you will see
Ram,hdd.WiFi card.
But check in bios if it shows 8gb or not as htop should show correct ram.

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Then reinsert ram.if you can't do it yourself.
You can go to repair shop and let them do it.

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I just did it :smiley: Thank you so much. Problem solved. Keep developing this amazing spin :blush:


Is there any widget for top panel to control screen brightness?

you can drag and drop brightness from lxqt-settings menu to quicklaunch widget.

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Wosh this is a pretty amazing job.

The only issue with the environment is the tools that come out of the box, not super user friendly. I know that I can change the network adapter and others (changing falkon for another browser) but would be better to have slightly more mainstream tooling out of the box.

But all in all, not bad at all.

you have firefox in regular edition
and i wont be changing connman.for networkmanager.

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Hello. Can you add gamehub, streamlink twitch gui, xpadneo dkms, and things such as neovim and citra,yuzu to the gaming edition ?

Some applications - though available through AUR - requires the user to install them on their own. This due to the redistribution license - I know at least Spotify to be such app which is not allowed to redistribute.

Please be aware of such licenses as violation of such redistribution licenses can be pretty severe. Also take into account that this is Manjaro Forum and according to Forum FAQ and the TOS section two, eight and nine only ones own stuff or with an expressed license to share it, can be linked on the Forum.

Don't take it too hard - just some friendly pointers :slight_smile::wave:

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i will see what can be added.
at least neovim is in repo.

gamehub,steamlink twitch gui,xpadneo,yuzu,itch,q4wine,exe-thumbnailer
are now available through chaotic repo.
so i will add them.citra is available via retroarch.

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Inspired :wink:

Born out of the KDE nest, fledged by LXQT, formed by KWinT, the wish is fulfilled by Librewish. :slight_smile:

I know, too much, but it had to get out :wink:

Unfortunately, my translation dos not match the realy nice original text. :smiley: :joy:



T for tiling :slight_smile: ???

True only such an idea, and can easily be deleted :slight_smile:

tiling.ohh yes should i add kwin script for tiling in it??there is a script which is better for tiling in kwin can someone give a link to it?.

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So, better than nothing :smiley:

Some (small) issues fixed :slight_smile:



Maybe you like it for the Desktop-icon?

wish-icon-color-sgs wish-icon-white-sgs


this is very good

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my suggestion:
remove wish

my suggestion:
use gimp, krita, inkscape...
it is up to you :slight_smile:


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