ManjaroWish Lxqt-Kwin Fusion

so here you have lxqt-kwin edition


  • lxqt
  • kwin-lowlatency
  • ksmoothdock
  • connman for networking
  • automatic btrfs timeshift snapshots
  • plymouth as bootsplash
  • performance-tweaks

Screenshots :expressionless:






Size - 2.3 gb

live iso
username - manjarowish
password - manjarowish


So far, i am trying WayfireWM spin... addicted to compiz like features, expo..
But the window border with the Xwayland apps is annoying, and some other bugs.

Considering trying this one spin, is it as lightweight as xfce or is it more kde like... (cause of the heavy feature rich Kwin WM) ?

its lightweight
and faster,responsive than xfce
but not as heavy and slow as kde.
kwin is fast.
but plasma-desktop is slow

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Actually do a bit of reading cause kde now is no heavier than xfce, and in a lot of cases actually lighter. as for Plasma itself not even remotely slow.

Actually came to the thread to say installed the KDE version on a external 256 gig USB 3 SSD, seemed to install fine but after the reboot after installing would not go into the desktop. Get the boot screen, but just sits there spinning. Any ideas?

its slow on hdd
on ssd its fast
and i know better about kde lightness
its pros and cons as well

Anyway, thank your for the time and effort your putting on these spins :slight_smile: keep updating them trying your best to come with some new tweaks/features.

Gonna dual boot it along with Wayfire spin (just in case).

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install with free drivers.
it may be Nvidia driver problem

i did not compare xfce and kde
i compared lxqt-kwin with xfce
then with kde.

is it something you are looking into, cause i'd prefer the actual nvidia drivers over xorg?

you can install Nvidia drivers after install
from mhwd

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ok COOL, thanks

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for anyone wanting to install lxqt-kwin on an existing install
but theming will not be same at all.

So this is the kinda of 'problems' i faced:

  • Plasma.desktop still present in sddm [desktop-choices-menu], i guess we need it somehow (curiosity)
  • Opening the Plasma.desktop session -> KSmoothDock+QTerminal running (empty desktop with messy [Keyboard layout])
  • Back to the lxqt session -> Krunner/TaskSwitcher(breeze) changed to [light] (plasma.desktop fault.. so how do i turn it to [dark] again ?)
  • 'Krunner' [Settings] left button opens nothing (should we stick with the 'lxqt-runner' ?)
  • 'System Monitor' app -> [Tools] -> 'htop' -> KDEInit could not launch "konsole": message (cause current one is 'qterminal'.. i guess)
  • [Keyboard layout] selected (ex: French layout), is always overridden by the [English layout] each reboot... even when deleted (turns out, it was because of 'Fcitx 5', so u may add the language there or remove the service completely/startup :slight_smile: )
  • Sometimes icons positioning is a little bit messy (alignment) in lxqt-panel. (i guess, it's more related to the lxqt.desktop itself not the spin for sure... just wondering. Cause it turns back to normal if u restart the panel for example)

it is installed by plasma-workspace
so cant avoid it unless we remove plasma-workspace

plasma-desktop is not installed so plasma session does not work

goto lxqt-config> appearance > lxqt theme > set it as system
and widget style = kvantum

and in kvantum manager check if layan theme is set
also you can

cp -r /etc/skel/ ~/

and i think the responsible factor may be .config/kdeglobals

it is plasma app so konsole as terminal is hardcoded

yes fcitx5 is used you can change the layout there
i just dont know if it works.
does it work if you set the layout in fcitx5?

this is i think icon theme or kvantum theme problem
try changing icon theme, kvantum theme

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cp /etc/skel/.config/kdeglobals ~/.config/kdeglobals


Yes, 'fcitx5' is fine. That's what i did to get my layout working.

I tried all that already, never mind.. it's no big deal

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it is something i have to announce regarding manjarowish future.

from now on im abandoning manjarowish .
all the manjarowish spins wont have new iso from now onwards.


i have moved on and created Garuda Linux

which is based directly on arch linux and uses arch repo

the reason is manjaro branches i just dont like the structure at all.

i also have modified mhwd and manjaro-settings-manager

and made mhwd-garuda , mhwd-db-garuda and garuda-settings-manager
it works with arch repo
and uses nvidia-dkms instead of kernel modules
and garuda-settings-manager displays all kernels available and not just with format linux44 linux49 etc

so in short garuda linux is arch based and has most of manjaro goodies

without mess of branches and delays.

this distro also eliminates any need for stable and what ever branch as we use btrfs
so even if bad updates break things you are safe and you can have working system in seconds.
and it contains all the tweaks of manjarowish





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