Manual Partitioning - boot, esp flag

I was reading the excellent step by step guide on dual booting that is available here

Is it required to always make separate boot partition as detailed in the step 6

Select the unpartitioned space → Create
a. Size → input 512
b. Filesystem → select FAT32
c. Mountpoint → select /boot/efi
d. Flags → check boot and esp → OK

What if I create just root(/) partition and then add boot,esp flags to that partition? Will it work or Do I need to take any additional steps?

If you have EFI it is required you have an ESP. (that little 512 boot partition)
If you have Legacy/BIOS you can go ahead with just root / flagged as boot.

The EFI system partition (also called ESP or EFISYS) is an OS independent partition that acts as the storage place for the EFI bootloaders, applications and drivers to be launched by the UEFI firmware. It is mandatory for UEFI boot.

I am on UEFI and I already have an existing EFI partition of 512 MB. So do I need to create an additional one for Manjaro?
I chose just root partition for my unallocated space but installer asked me to add boot, esp flags. So can I just add those flags to my manjaro root partition?

Normally you dont need an additional one - just have manjaro use the existing ESP.
But that guide is apparently suggesting you do create a second one .. :thinking:

Thanks for your help. I cant comment on that thread (may be because I am a newbie) and hence asked here.

No you cannot.

No it is not. Is just an advice that might save you some trouble later on.

The reason is explained in the post - but the question has relayed to OP as well.

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The esp partition needs to be a Fat32 fs. So not an ext4 or other non-WinOS-aware FS.
I have the impression (others please correct, if I'm wrong) there can only be one esp-flagged partition on each drive. If you re-assign the flag, you won't get two esp partitions, but one. (as of boot=esp bit-wise on GPT partitioning schemes and boot can only be one). Then you may confuse UEFI-WinOS boot. Though, if you succesfully boot to Manjaro-grub you should be able to boot to WinOS ... OK, it's complicated on complicated scenarios.

Best advice is:

  • Follow one Guide (your chosen is a good one)
  • Follow experts' advice per specific issue
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Because my capable partner here is already on it. :grin:
Also, I've said may times before I have 3 to 4 $esp partitions on each of my 3 to 4 disk.
And I had said there is no difference whether any OS should be on different disk or another disk despite many people saying it's best to have on separate disks. Or no difference if $esp should be on the same disk or on different disks.

As to flags, I have (had) all my $esp's flagged.
Then I removed all flags.
Then I put in a flag on a partition where it shouldn't be.
All makes no difference (to me).
And many websites say linux does not require boot flags, only windows boot need it.
But.... some here have problems with booting if the flag is not there.
I myself have helped resolved some issues here where I asked the OP's to put a flag and it resolved the problem.

I suspect that some (not many, BTW, just a few) here needs flags because their disks are not set up properly (partitioned 'gpt' or 'msdos') in the first place and their bios needs help in determining what the disks are. And suspicion alone is never a conclusive determinant.

petsam seriously, I think you are more capable than you think
and I'm more than happy whenever you help out.

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