Many/most icons missing in KDE plasma 5 after install kde over xfce


Im switched my DE from xfce to kde today and i'm having an issue with my icons, thay are blanked.

some suggestions?

Do you reboot?

Please post, after reading the link above

$ inxi -Fxxxza --no-host


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Too little information so we can't help.

I can only add that Plasma requires richer icon themes then gtk systems, so those icon packs that were OK for Xfce or Gnome are not sufficient in Plasma.

I can recommend: La Capitaine, KDE DEX, various Numix icon themes - those are KDE compatible. Basically, if some icon theme is very popular it should be fine, but some less known and designed only with Gtk in mind will be lacking.

Also, post a screenshot so we would know what "blanked" mean in your case. There are panel icons, system icons - those are different things and come from different themes. So we don't know what is happening and where.

You should install some manjaro specific customization packages for Plasma to be sure that you have the basic themes.

Xfce is gonna be using icons built for GTK, for the most part, and you want QT icons in KDE.

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