Mass cyberattack strikes computer systems worldwide Live updates

Question: Who audits the systemd?
Answer: The systemd-audit.

We need to invent a better browser, since ALL the old/present TCP/IP ones, that we're still using are obviously showing their age.?

This would ideally go together with decentralizing the ICANN and whatever new UN body does what ICANN does/did. Kind of peer to peer internet, dns, plus providers of such. Think further, your own power source at home.

Associated Press is also publishing a good article:

I am not surprised that Russi and India are hit hard, but I am surprised that China is not mentioned.
Maybe the malware does not speak Chinese? :slight_smile:

Geezus, you're making it sound like we almost need a brand new Internet 2 version.

Maybe the chinese target systems run their own OS, and I had heard some whispers, its the true reason some flight went missing, and landed secretly at Diego Garcia. The flight had chinese engineers on board, supposedly employed by the chinese defense ministry.

Or, maybe the Chinese had hacked Clinton's email, and just made it look like the Russians did it?
it's hard to tell these days -'jus sayin'.

Uhm, nope, its was leaks, from within US. What gain does any country have to intervene in the surreal US circus? The deep state does foreign policy.
They all already have collected so much dirt about each other, they can be all blackmailed.
That's my view.

that's true too, but the "obvious" loss of Korea and Vietnam, ..., (thanks to Chinese intervention) will never be forgiven or forgotten by the ehm, "west" either, if u know what I mean. -well times are different yes, but power, and therefore money, are still the same.

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I don't want to go there on this thread, but look, the US tanks have a 5 pointed star, Russian and Chinese tanks too. The symbols still tell a story many people have been made to not-see.

so let's not then.

Enough pointers to start one own investigation.

hence why Virtual Wars are much more hide-able from prying eyes, these days. Its all about the new war fronts. my friend.

Well, most people don't even realize, that a few influential people have declared collectively war on human beings.

Man I miss this meme way to much. :smile:

Yep getting closer to Done & Done for the Human Species.
Glad I almost have my spaceship done.

Then can get Off this Crazy Planet! :dizzy_face:


Sadly, yes, if there is no wonder, the surveillance & control grid gets fully operational, and people unknowingly helped to establish it.
Call it skynet if you want.

I ask the must always ask question, who benefits from ransomware attacks? What will be proposed measures to counter it?

The Windows cyberattack is top story on Reuters

In my opinion, the ransom is a distraction. it does more, either not yet discovered, or kept secret, or not yet triggered, just planted.


So how do we go about fixing this?

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