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Hi and thanks, I installed the community awesome edition and I love it. One thing, I have been on Awesome one way or the other for years. This is the first time on version 4. When adding new windows to a screen it used to always add them to the master position, for some reason 4 adds it to the child position. Is this intended? and if so is there some way to change it? Thanks in advance for any help.

It took me a moment to realize what you meant, as I started with awesome 4 and never used awesome 3.
I think it is the default behavior of awesome in version 4.
However, I think I can help you with changing this setting. It just needs to be added to a signal

Search in rc.lua in the Signals section for:

-- Signal function to execute when a new client appears.
client.connect_signal("manage", function (c)
    -- Set the windows at the slave,
    -- i.e. put it at the end of others instead of setting it master.
    -- if not awesome.startup then awful.client.setslave(c) end

    if awesome.startup and
      not c.size_hints.user_position
      and not c.size_hints.program_position then
        -- Prevent clients from being unreachable after screen count changes.

and uncomment and change the line:

-    -- if not awesome.startup then awful.client.setslave(c) end
+     if not awesome.startup then awful.client.setmaster(c) end

See in the documentation of awesome:

It should then add new clients as the master. I suggest to correct the comments above to your usecase.

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Wow, got it one, thanks very much!

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