Masterpdf editor

kan iemand mij uitleggen hoe ik dit programma kan installeren vanaf source code
(staat wel in aur maar is niet de recenste versie)
via website

hoe installeer ik dit vanuit downloads map -- graag stap voor stap uitleg aub
alvast bedankt voor de hulp

Sorry I write in English. Open this link and read the first comment. Use new PKGBUILD for the latest version.

The new PKGBUILD here:

Instructions from the new PKGBUILD:

First 'download snapshot' from AUR, replace the content of PKGBUILD with this one ....
...and edit the file masterpdfeditor-qt5.desktop to point to the new binary (replace 3 with 4).

I've just installed version 4.0.20 with it.

sorry for this but i have a previous version installed - so how do i proceed

can you please explain step by step for a newbie

  1. Open terminal. Run commands below one by one (number 6 is one command):
  2. cd ~
  3. curl -O
  4. tar xaf masterpdfeditor-qt5.tar.gz
  5. cd masterpdfeditor-qt5
  6. curl -O
  7. sed 's/3/4/' masterpdfeditor-qt5.desktop >
  8. mv masterpdfeditor-qt5.desktop
  9. makepkg -sci
  10. When asked, enter your password, then answer "y" to confirm installation
  11. cd ..
  12. rm -R masterpdfeditor-qt5*

ok thank you - will try it out this evening

will let you know if it worked

thanks for the help

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worked like a charm

thanks for the help

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You are welcome!
Graag gedaan!


I am presented with an error after step 9.It says it cant locate source

This is quite an old thread. Please create a new thread and describe what you are trying to do and what the problem is.

I was trying to install masterpdf editor. It's ok now, I installed okular instead.

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