MATE - Composit not working after reboot

I recently installed MATE desktop alongside my new i3 installation, since I like to have a more "classic" desktop available for certain tasks. So far everything is working great, but I'm facing one rather annoying problem:
I chose "Marco (Compton GPU composit)" as my window manager in MATE Tweak, which makes animations look way smoother than with "Marco (Software composit)".
But whenever I log into MATE, I'm not seeing any window frames, and MATE Tweak says that the window manager I'm using is not supported. Then I have to switch to Software composit and back to GPU composit in order to get it working.

What can I do to avoid this problem?
Please tell me if there is additional information I can provide.

Thanks in advance.

I can replicate this. Logging in with Marco then switching to Compton works fine, but logging in with Compton leads to a lack of window decorations.

I don't know how much of this is MATE, Compton, Compton settings, or graphics drivers.

Edit: I also tested with compton-garnetius-git with the same end result, which makes me think this is a MATE thing. Have you checked the GitHub issues lists?

Edit 2: This looks like an old issue that hasn't yet been resolved:

e.g. I use Marco (software compositing) because there's no lag in dragging windows and everything is snappier than Compton, even with highly-tweaked settings.


No problems using Marco and Compton on MATE with a Debian/Ubuntu base, but I couldn't get it working on anything Arch-based (lose window decorations after login). I gave up trying the many fixes months ago... I use Compiz with most of the effects disabled - gives me what I had with Marco/Compton on Debian-based distros (no tearing).

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For me everything but Compton GPU composit gives very bad performance, even dragging windows is hardly doable.

I can confirm this. Always worked fine on Ubuntu Mate.

I'm going to try that later when I get back to my notebook.

Yes, Compiz works too. This solves the problem for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok I digged a bit into this. The easy solution is to copy the desktop files from /usr/share/mate/applications to ~/.local/share/applications. I did a PR to include this workaround in mate-tweak (the package will copy the files into /usr/share/applications). I don't know why it can't find them in the first place, it needs more would help if someone with an arch installation (I don't have any currently) would see if he can reproduce the problem there as well.


It seems that /usr/share/mate/applications is a Debian-Ubuntu only thing. Tested on arch, manjaro and Fedora and desktop files there are not recognized. So there is nothing wrong with manjaro/arch. I did a PR to change the location of these desktop files at the installation script of the upstream mate-tweak project (Wimpy already accepted the previous changes for the panel layouts and he improved them too, so I believe that he will agree with this change too, if not we will fix it in the PKGBUILD).


Thanks, this solves the original problem for me!

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Just to inform you.

The fix has been accepted upstream and it's included in mate-tweak 17.10.13 which is already in unstable branch. When this gets in your branch better to delete the files that you put at ~/.local/share/applications, because there have been some changes at the upstream files and those that you have put at your home folder will override them (the changes are insignificant so even if you don't do it there's no problem, I just thought to let you know).


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